Message from John

In 1957 as a boy of 9, I lived at 13 Lancaster Gate, Seletar. My Father was Fl/Sgt R.L. Terry. For years I have searched Google Map in an attempt to find Lancaster gate but it was only when finding your web site I found out what had happened to it. I cannot begin to describe the pleasure this web site has given me. It … Continue reading Message from John

RAF Seletar Association has a new home

The official website of the RAF Seletar Association now incorporates RAF Tengah Association and can be found at This website is designed to help keep alive the memories of service personnel and others lucky enough to have served at RAF Seletar Singapore which was an active RAF station from 1928 through to 1971. Membership is open to all Service and civilian personnel, including their … Continue reading RAF Seletar Association has a new home

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads This blog is on fire!. Crunchy numbers A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 5,600 times in 2010. That’s about 13 full 747s. In 2010, there were 10 new posts, … Continue reading 2010 in review

No new tenants in sight?

A looming global recession cannot be cheerful news if you are trying to sell to the aviation industry. ‘Build them and they will come’ may no longer be a viable strategy… I wonder if bus tours were part of the original plan. From the AmCham website: September 12, 2008 – Members from the Aerospace Defense Committee boarded a coach bus to learn more about Seletar … Continue reading No new tenants in sight?

World’s airlines say they face $2.3bn loss

According to The Times The global airline industry has downgraded its forecast for this year for the third time and now is predicting losses in 2008 of $2.3 billion (£1.1 billion) because of sustained high oil prices.The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents airlines, also said that if oil prices stayed at $135 a barrel, the losses could worsen to more than $6 billion. … Continue reading World’s airlines say they face $2.3bn loss

More to do in Seletar Camp during school holidays

Sabine has just launched her new workshops at Le Petit Atelier Come and join our NEW series of workshops designing a « petite vitrine » (little shop window in French). This 3-day workshop celebrates Asia’s exotic and colourful fruit markets (even apples come from China!). These “vitrines” are a fun and creative way for kids to learn patience. For adults they make unusual holiday souvenir … Continue reading More to do in Seletar Camp during school holidays

Jalankayu Singapuras

So there I was Googling ‘jalankayu’, omitting the space between Jalan and Kayu by accident, and found an amazing site for pedigree cats 🙂 In France? Here’s why I was stationed near Jalan Kayu (ed. that would be Seletar Airbase) during 1966 and 1967. It was my local village for shopping, including food and I even had a new suit made there to take home … Continue reading Jalankayu Singapuras

Holiday art workshops: Isadora Workshop

In less than 2 weeks, schools will break for 5 weeks of holidays. If you are not planning to be away the whole time, a trip to Seletar is worth considering. Isabelle has published her workshop schedule, and later this week we expect to hear from 938Live, Jalan Kayu Community, Sabine, Steven and The Nature Society. For now, some dates for your diary: Tuesday, May … Continue reading Holiday art workshops: Isadora Workshop

Garage sale: Saturday, 15 March

With less than 10 months remaining before the majority of houses are either demolished or re-zoned for business, many residents are moving out as leases expire. Passing on pre-loved items has been a long tradition, and we expect garage sale activity will pick up as we get closer to December. Here is one: Saturday 15.3.0810 am – 5 pm 22 Hyde Park Gate, Seletar Airbase … Continue reading Garage sale: Saturday, 15 March

Exciting clay workshops at Easter

Pressed Mould Easter Eggs One of our resident artists, Steven Low, is offering 2 workshops on Easter Sunday. Create clay eggs you can cherish forever. Time slots Sunday, 23 March 2008 Morning workshop – 10am to 12pm Afternoon workshop – 2pm to 4pm Workshop size – Maximum 10 persons Location Steven’s studio at Brompton Road in Seletar Camp Fees $38 per participant, cash only(same price … Continue reading Exciting clay workshops at Easter

Bicycle Blitzkrieg – The Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore

Just came across a cracking essay that seemed worth passing on – full document at linked url. 8 February 1994 Paper directed by Commander Mark Hess, USN Faculty, Department of Strategy and Policy Japan’s December 1941-February 1942 invasion of Malaya and culminating conquest of Singapore is analyzed from an operational perspective. Although overshadowed by better known Pacific Theater actions in World War II, the campaign … Continue reading Bicycle Blitzkrieg – The Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore

A simple life

Congratulations to the Jalan Kayu Trail, for securing an official launch back in November 2007! An intriguing snippet, demonstrating that the Airbase has always attracted folks who can be content with the simple things in life Dear Jalan Kayu Trail Team members, I spent a very happy and memorable time at Seletar from 1962 to 1964. Your blog brought back many memories of Jalan Kayu, … Continue reading A simple life

Art from recycling

Three more attractions at Seletar Airbase during the long Easter weekend 🙂 Re-Cycle I ! A workshop about giving your old stuff a new twist. Bring along old tins (e.g. Milo tins), CDs and bottle caps (e.g. from jam jars). You can also bring along other small objects such as old screws, buttons… that can be used for decorating our one-of a kind objects. In … Continue reading Art from recycling

St Andrew’s Church at the Airbase

Pete sent across a number of photos from the 1960s, and I’ll be posting them up over the next few days. Here are two of St Andrew’s Church – does anyone know where exactly this is? When was it built? Is it still around today?   St. George’s Church, Minden Road (off Tanglin) is a beautiful Anglican Church built in 1911 for the British soldiers … Continue reading St Andrew’s Church at the Airbase

Life next to a construction site

Although residents have full tenancy contracts till December 2008, quality of life in some parts of the Airbase is no longer what it used to be. Last week, morning birdsong was drowned out by the din from a building being torn down. One of the 2 disused hangars was being brought down . These used to be fully functional hangars with access to the runway. … Continue reading Life next to a construction site

See Seletar at Singapore’s Museum Shops

We are utterly delighted that The Museum Shops are now carrying the Postcards from Seletar portfolio. If coming north is a hassle, just pop in to any of the outlets in town; Asian Civilisation Museums at Empress Place or Armenian Street, Singapore Art Museum at Bras basah or National Museum of Singapore. If you have not yet marked your diary, Dec 8th 3 – 6 … Continue reading See Seletar at Singapore’s Museum Shops

Bird’s Eye View of Seletar Airbase – Past, Present and Future

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the public consultation on Sunday, your feedback on the map has been a big help. We’ve also taken note of your numerous suggestions for future publications, and your questions – like, when were the streets named, who lived in the houses in the 50s and 60s. As we continue research for future volumes of Postcards, I’m sure … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View of Seletar Airbase – Past, Present and Future

In praise of broadband

I’ve often thought that the idyll of working from a kampung while being an IT industry analyst is only possible when the communications infrastructure is in place. Kudos to iDA for continuing to drive enhancements. Singapore, one of the world’s busiest seaports, aims to become one of the most connected with WISEPORT (WIreless-broadband-access for SEaPORT). The initiative between the Port Authority of Singapore and iDAre … Continue reading In praise of broadband

Have you seen this guy?

Seriously, he has emerged a pivotal character 😉 Inspired by Turgot’s map of Paris, Isabelle has been hard at work creating a detailed perspective of our neighbourhood. You are invited to view the almost complete version of the map, and provide feedback. The bird’s eye view of the housing area will be a permanent record of dwellings as of October 2007. This public consultation is … Continue reading Have you seen this guy?