A simple life

Congratulations to the Jalan Kayu Trail, for securing an official launch back in November 2007!

An intriguing snippet, demonstrating that the Airbase has always attracted folks who can be content with the simple things in life

Dear Jalan Kayu Trail Team members, I spent a very happy and memorable time at Seletar from 1962 to 1964. Your blog brought back many memories of Jalan Kayu, night markets, watches for S$10 (equivalent now S$3.20), K Wah the tailor where I bought the best pair of trousers I have ever owned. Seletar Bar and the best Nasi Goreng on the Island at the time. Taxi back from the City for S$2.50, our exchange rate was then S$8.40 to £1 sterling! I also remember shopping in the Pagoda House at the far end of the village, is it still there? “Daz” an Indian who worked on West Camp and made our beds and polished our shoes and in hard times lent us money. Above all the great local food in the village. I still come back to Singapore on a regular basis, how it has changed! Thank you for a great blog. Peter Rushen, England


2 thoughts on “A simple life

  1. I was at Seletar on two tours, initially from Auigust 1955 to February 1958 and worked at Air Headquarters Singapore (to the right side on the camp as you go past the Guardroom) for most of the tour and had six months on Tech wing near the Sunderland servicing area. On my return to Seletar in 1961 I worked at Base Headquarters for about a year before being posted to Paya Lebar for the final 18 months, although still being parented and living at Seletar. I have been back to Singapore on many occasions since leaving the RAF. I subsequently joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force in November 1966 and managed to spend a few months at RAAF Butterwoth, Penang on deployment in 1978, during which time I went for a few weeks at Tengah. Since leaving the service (in 1979) I have been back privately to Singapore and Penang ten times, the last time was in 2011 (this year) when I paid a brief visit to Seletar with some Chinese friends whom I have known since 1955 and still stay in touch. I have never forgotten K Wah and had all my shirts and suits made there: in fact, I still have his business card in an old wallet in my drawer.

    Anyway, thanks for the memories you rekindled in your post.

    Kind regards, Ray Sangrouber

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