In praise of broadband

I’ve often thought that the idyll of working from a kampung while being an IT industry analyst is only possible when the communications infrastructure is in place. Kudos to iDA for continuing to drive enhancements. Singapore, one of the world’s busiest seaports, aims to become one of the most connected with WISEPORT (WIreless-broadband-access for SEaPORT). … More In praise of broadband

Rainy days

October is going out on a whimper – it’s been either overcast, or drizzly, here at the Airbase. Nevertheless, spirits are high. Halloween tonight, when scary creatures come out to play. Speaking of scary creatures, it will be school holidays soon, and kids will be on the ‘ronda-ronda’ (malay for roam, be sure to have … More Rainy days

How we see the world

Most of us are bad for the economy – we rarely leave the Airbase, and so don’t contribute as much as we should to the GDP 😉 Here’s Isabelle’s interpretation of the Seletarian perspective. Enjoy!

Hunters’ Moon

We discussed solar cycles and Halloween, it seems only fair to enjoy the wonders of lunar cycles too. An interesting update in the mailbox this morning. OK, I confess to being a subscriber to Dr Tony Phillips’ Spaceweather channel 😉 This week’s full Moon is the biggest full Moon of 2007. It’s no illusion. Some … More Hunters’ Moon

Halloween at Seletar

It should be no surprise that Halloween is celebrated enthusiastically at the Airbase; after all, resident spiders and bats are always hanging around, waiting to be acknowledged 😉 Most human residents know to deck their entrances with ghoulish apparitions if they welcome visitations from trick-or-treaters. I’m told groups of revellers will be setting off on … More Halloween at Seletar

Seletar at Stomp

The Urban Jungle section of Stomp on September 13th carried a piece on Seletar – including a photo from Edgeware Road. It was fascinating to read the comments; a stark reminder that in the next 15 months that are available to us, we need to invite more people to come and enjoy the ambience that … More Seletar at Stomp

Class of 2011, mental illness and casino costs

A rather eclectic collection of stories caught my fancy today… BELOIT COLLEGE’S MINDSET LIST® FOR THE CLASS OF 2011 – some extracts here. Go on, compare your views… They never “rolled down” a car window. Nelson Mandela has always been free and a force in South Africa. They have grown up with bottled water. Women … More Class of 2011, mental illness and casino costs

Bear time

On a completely different note, I could not resist passing this on. Click on the link, and move your cursor over any of the bears 🙂 Link to >>>> Nobody here

t minus 18 months

By December 2008, many of us will have to leave this amazing place we have cherished and call home. Articulating what makes it special is proving harder than we thought – we need to build a scrapbook that can illustrate an extraordinary co-existence of gracious people, historical buildings, wild (ish) animals and majestic trees, all … More t minus 18 months