Theatre Club

Some of the memories being shared over at the RAF Seletar forum. Now, if we can only figure out where exactly the building is today? From Tex I was a member of the club between 1955-57 and again from 1959 to 62. I remember the Drama Festivals over the years and enjoyed being involved in them….it was a very successful club and holds lots of … Continue reading Theatre Club

Life next to a construction site

Although residents have full tenancy contracts till December 2008, quality of life in some parts of the Airbase is no longer what it used to be. Last week, morning birdsong was drowned out by the din from a building being torn down. One of the 2 disused hangars was being brought down . These used to be fully functional hangars with access to the runway. … Continue reading Life next to a construction site

Bird’s Eye View of Seletar Airbase – Past, Present and Future

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the public consultation on Sunday, your feedback on the map has been a big help. We’ve also taken note of your numerous suggestions for future publications, and your questions – like, when were the streets named, who lived in the houses in the 50s and 60s. As we continue research for future volumes of Postcards, I’m sure … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View of Seletar Airbase – Past, Present and Future

Have you seen this guy?

Seriously, he has emerged a pivotal character 😉 Inspired by Turgot’s map of Paris, Isabelle has been hard at work creating a detailed perspective of our neighbourhood. You are invited to view the almost complete version of the map, and provide feedback. The bird’s eye view of the housing area will be a permanent record of dwellings as of October 2007. This public consultation is … Continue reading Have you seen this guy?

Black, white and terracotta

Although houses built in the 1920s and 30s are most commonly referred to as ‘black and whites’, the orange hue is just as important. Terracota tiles are an important architectural hallmark, not just because of the colour, but also because of the simple way in which they form roofs, as evidenced from the underside of our eaves. The branded logo is of the Calicut Tile … Continue reading Black, white and terracotta

The Lost Inner Temple

Thanks Sue, for digging up this old map of the Airbase, showing the small cul-de-sac, Inner Temple. Though no longer visible in all printed maps of Singapore, Streetdirectory still shows this location if searched. Just off Park Lane, opposite Kingfisher Club. According to Inner Temple. (2007, October 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. The Temple was occupied in the twelfth century by the Knights Templar, … Continue reading The Lost Inner Temple

Black and White

‘Practical elegance’ pretty much sums up the essence of the Singapore house built at the turn of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These black & white structures embrace influences from England and India, and were adapted for the humid heat of the tropics. There are numerous references to this style of architecture, and together with historical notes from past residents of the Airbase, a … Continue reading Black and White


The previous entry on 23 Amber Road needs to be augmented with information about HARP – I’ve taken this extract from Irene Low’s site, where the full FAQ can be found What is HARP? The Historic Architecture Rescue Plan is an interest group which was formed after the sudden and unnecessary demolition of a 1930s Art-deco building at Allenby Road which formerly housed the film … Continue reading HARP

23 Amber Road

Browsing through on Memories of Cashin Mansion unearthed the discussion and campaign to save 23 Amber Road. 23 June 2007 -Summary carried by Irene Low After an active campaign and many months of waiting, the developer has finally published its proposals for 23 Amber Road, the Butterfly House. According to the proposal, only a small portion of the Butterfly House comprising the porch and … Continue reading 23 Amber Road

Academics urge greater conservation consciousness

Report by Koh Gui Qing for Reuters Canada on 15th July 2007 Singapore set to raze third of heritage bungalows Black and Whites are among the most sought-after housing in Singapore, and soon they will be even harder to get as the government plans to raze up to a third of the 500 to 700 remaining bungalows to make way for an industrial park. Continue reading Academics urge greater conservation consciousness

Singapore’s Secret Garden

During 2006, a team from Really Architecture collated an online scrapbook, and a video analysis of life at the Airbase. Extract from culturepush: When it was announced that Clifford Pier would cease operations in March 2006 with plans to develop the landmark into the inevitable mall complex, there was public outcry against Singapore’s rapidly disappearing heritage. In a constant struggle between tradition and progress, iconic … Continue reading Singapore’s Secret Garden