Garage sale: Saturday, 15 March

With less than 10 months remaining before the majority of houses are either demolished or re-zoned for business, many residents are moving out as leases expire. Passing on pre-loved items has been a long tradition, and we expect garage sale activity will pick up as we get closer to December.

Here is one:

Saturday 15.3.0810 am – 5 pm
22 Hyde Park Gate, Seletar Airbase
or call Paola Tel. 91299341

Everything must go!
Basket cabinet
Shoe cabinet*)
Cooking station incl. oven*)
Washing machine/Electrolux*)
Fridge and freezer/Samsung*)
Pool pumpDiverse (Lamps, Candleholder, Cameras, etc.)

Please note: * items are available from 22.03.08. Buyer collects.


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