Message from John

In 1957 as a boy of 9, I lived at 13 Lancaster Gate, Seletar. My Father was Fl/Sgt R.L. Terry. For years I have searched Google Map in an attempt to find Lancaster gate but it was only when finding your web site I found out what had happened to it.

I cannot begin to describe the pleasure this web site has given me. It has allowed me to take a trip back into the past to the days when Britain was great and represented in virtually every country of the world.

Before moving into quarters we were in a hiring at 33 Porchester Avenue, Serangoon garden estate. I have located that property on google but it has been substantially altered. For the worse I feel. Its now very untidy.

It was if it was only yesterday that I went to school where for the first time we not only had milk in one third pint bottles but we had chocolate and strawbery milk as well. Clearly Singapore had great things to offer. And who could ever forget the teacher Miss Tiby – daughter of Wing Commander Tiby, a lady who did little for my education but nonetheless has remained locked in my memory for over 60 years.

I´ve searched on Google for the pool at seletar but it seems to have gone. I remember splashing around in it when the monsoon was throwing it down.

Another thing I remember was a lime drink produced by Fraser and Neave. I have promised to go back one day and get another but despite my promise I suspect I have now reached the stage of fooling myself.

I myself joined the airforce and was stationed at Butterworth and did manage to visit Singapore once during a three year tour but did not manager to get back to Seletar.

My father travelled out to Singapore in a Hermes 4a registration G-ALDA. By coincidence, my mother and self travelled out three months later on the same aircraft and three months after that so did my sister. I have a photograph of that airplane, the journey on which not above 10,000 feet, I remember very well.

I have been all over the world, 56 countries in fact but I can say, hand on heart that nowhere has remained as vivid in my memory as has Seletar.

Seletar was, I suppose, the start of my life and whilst I am not volunteering for anything, I now feel I am approaching a departure point.

John T. Terry


One thought on “Message from John

  1. Dear John
    I lived at 11 Hampstead Gardens RAF Seletar, 1964-1967 , between the ages of 8 and 10. I did my ASA swimming medals in the camp pool. There are a lot of pictures of it on google now. I remember the three choices of milk at school. The whole experience shaped my life and I wrote an unpublished book called Sun Dream and have never stopped traveling. I live in Taipei now, and it is so much like Old Singapore. I’m 61 now and feel very lucky to have one last look at such a place. What beautiful childhood experiences we had!

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