If you are looking to re-connect: The are plenty of people in and around the UK, Canada, USA, Spain and Australia who organise regional events to do with the Seletar Association and other interesting matters to do with the RAF. If you’re not sure who’s who and how to contact them – here’s the list with phone numbers. Continue reading Reunions

Royal Air Force Seletar Reunion Tour – March 2009

via Mid March saw thirty-eight members of the Association once again gathering at that ancient conglomeration of buildings known as Heathrow Airport…… lots of great pictures of Singapore, including the sad mid-demolition one of the old mess hall. “After Singapore, it was time for one group to head back for the UK and another for Penang, where, courtesy of the British High Commission in … Continue reading Royal Air Force Seletar Reunion Tour – March 2009

Revisiting Seletar Memories

Many of you have asked for the link to Ang Yiying story at The Straits Times on 30th March … here is the link, and below is the text A LITTLE corner of Singapore that once featured prominently in its history has been earmarked for redevelopment but one group, from thousands of miles away, are holding onto their memories of Seletar Airbase dearly. The 920-strong … Continue reading Revisiting Seletar Memories

Seletar Boy

Inset to main story at Straits Times 30 March RETIRED Major Yeo Kuan Joo, 72, who is coordinator and guide for the RAF Seletar Association members on tour here, has a special relationship with Seletar Airbase. After losing his father in World War II, the middle child of three children, then aged about 11, met some RAF servicemen who became his unofficial guardians. One of … Continue reading Seletar Boy

Bicycle Blitzkrieg – The Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore

Just came across a cracking essay that seemed worth passing on – full document at linked url. 8 February 1994 Paper directed by Commander Mark Hess, USN Faculty, Department of Strategy and Policy Japan’s December 1941-February 1942 invasion of Malaya and culminating conquest of Singapore is analyzed from an operational perspective. Although overshadowed by better known Pacific Theater actions in World War II, the campaign … Continue reading Bicycle Blitzkrieg – The Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore

A simple life

Congratulations to the Jalan Kayu Trail, for securing an official launch back in November 2007! An intriguing snippet, demonstrating that the Airbase has always attracted folks who can be content with the simple things in life Dear Jalan Kayu Trail Team members, I spent a very happy and memorable time at Seletar from 1962 to 1964. Your blog brought back many memories of Jalan Kayu, … Continue reading A simple life

Peek into the forbidden zone

Back in March 2007, when ex-RAF personnel visited Singapore, their tour included an afternoon inside the secured part of Seletar Camp. We saw the Singapore Youth Flying Club, construction of which called for the demise of G & H blocks, plus the West Camp Sergeants’ Mess, Airmens’ Mess and NAAFI. …. . Flying boat wing was my area, and as long as you turn your … Continue reading Peek into the forbidden zone

Pingat Jasa Malaysia

This remarkable entry in the RAF Seletar web site – kudos to the Malaysian government for acknowledging contribution of the veterans. In 2005 the Malaysian Government approached the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to seek approval to present their new medal, known as the Pingat Jasa Malaysia, to British veterans and others who served in operations in Malaya/Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966. Ex-residents … Continue reading Pingat Jasa Malaysia

RAF visits the camp

RAF Seletar, Singapore, was an RAF station from 1928 through to 1971. The RAF Seletar Association was formed in 1997 to help bring together anyone who have had any dealings with the base in any capacity service or civilian. Forces reunited has a long and growing list of ex-Seletar RAF personnel.  Some background Chinese immigrants to Singapore established settlements in the 1840s, dotting the northern … Continue reading RAF visits the camp