Orang Seletar

Fabulous story about Seletar’s original residents… kon seletar or orang seletar is now classified as an orang asli tribe in malaysia. they were named after the seletar area in singapore (or it could be the other way around), where about 800 of them once lived. these people could be considered sea gypsies or orang laut. … More Orang Seletar

Glimpses of the past

It is hard to look up architectural archives without stumbling upon stories about life in and around the buildings. The video below came with an interesting snippet of how children spent their free time before the Intenet was pervasive. At 11 years of age I lived at RAF Seletar, from ’56 – ’58. I used … More Glimpses of the past

WW2 memories

The Flora & Fauna edition of Postcards from Seletar is off at the printers, and it is time to start research for the Heritage edition. Browsing through the BBC website, I came across a section packed with personal memories. Lieutenant Commander R. G. Curry VRD recalls Lieutenant General Tomoyuki Yamashita had driven our armies out … More WW2 memories


This list is work-in-progress. If you know of a significant Seletar Airbase related event that should be added to this timeline, please leave a comment below. Thanks 🙂 1400 – Parameswara flees the Majapahits from Seletar River, moves north to Muar and proceeds to found the Sultanate of Melaka 1921 – Cabinet approves establishment of a naval … More Timeline

Recognising Heritage

Thanks to Michael from Lancaster Gate for highlighting this topic. UNESCO’s world heritage center lists 851 properties as ‘forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value” – 184 countries have successfully listed properties, unfortunately Singapore is not one of them. Celebrating heritage can be … More Recognising Heritage

Spitfires in Singapore

A delightful discovery today, while browsing through the RAF Seletar Association web site. One of our current residents shares his father’s memories of life in Seletar in the early 1950s. John’s letter to RAF Seletar web site Peter’s journal Some notes about Seletar Airbase from Wikipedia RAF Seletar was a Royal Air Force station in … More Spitfires in Singapore

The Happiness Formula

Over the weekend, we caught a little bit of what promises to be a fascinating experience on BBC World – a six-part series profiling research from around the world on what makes humans happy. The Happiness Formula trails scientists who say they know how to measure happiness and are piecing together what they believe really … More The Happiness Formula

Long overdue

We have been busy these past 5 weeks, and so it seems, has JTC. In the letterbox yesterday was notice from Premas that the Aerospace Hub master plan will be published in the next month. Just how much of the heritage will be preserved remains to be seen. The Straits Times carried a piece on … More Long overdue

Familiar Names

For a slightly different version of London Tube stations, including those that gave us street names right here at the camp, see this masterpiece of anagrams. Can’t crack it? Just hold your cursor over the station name for 2 seconds and the real name will appear. Enjoy!