Orang Seletar

Fabulous story about Seletar’s original residents… kon seletar or orang seletar is now classified as an orang asli tribe in malaysia. they were named after the seletar area in singapore (or it could be the other way around), where about 800 of them once lived. these people could be considered sea gypsies or orang laut. however, they did not belong to the same group that … Continue reading Orang Seletar

See Seletar at Singapore’s Museum Shops

We are utterly delighted that The Museum Shops are now carrying the Postcards from Seletar portfolio. If coming north is a hassle, just pop in to any of the outlets in town; Asian Civilisation Museums at Empress Place or Armenian Street, Singapore Art Museum at Bras basah or National Museum of Singapore. If you have not yet marked your diary, Dec 8th 3 – 6 … Continue reading See Seletar at Singapore’s Museum Shops

Dikes and the Heritage Society

Faced with the prospect of a long, slow submersion into the very waters that serve as the lifeblood of this maritime trading hub, Singapore has reached out to the world’s greatest experts on the subject of battling back the sea – the Dutch. “We are already in consultations with Delft in Holland to learn how we can build dikes,” said Lee Kuan Yew, the former … Continue reading Dikes and the Heritage Society


This list is work-in-progress. If you know of a significant Seletar Airbase related event that should be added to this timeline, please leave a comment below. Thanks 🙂 1400 – Parameswara flees the Majapahits from Seletar River, moves north to Muar and proceeds to found the Sultanate of Melaka 1921 – Cabinet approves establishment of a naval base and an airfield in Malaya 28th February 1928 – … Continue reading Timeline

Where exactly is Seletar Airbase?

Earlier this week, when a 6th person in as many days asked for the exact location of Seletar Airbase, I knew it was time to persuade Isabelle to sketch out a map. Here is her rendition, complete with voluptuous coastal lines. Co-ordinates are 01 degree 25 N 103 degrees 52E. So now you know. Ever wondered how old the causeway is? According to streetdirectory.com Work … Continue reading Where exactly is Seletar Airbase?

Recognising Heritage

Thanks to Michael from Lancaster Gate for highlighting this topic. UNESCO’s world heritage center lists 851 properties as ‘forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value” – 184 countries have successfully listed properties, unfortunately Singapore is not one of them. Celebrating heritage can be demanding. My quick Google search identified 2 bodies in Singapore … Continue reading Recognising Heritage

Spitfires in Singapore

A delightful discovery today, while browsing through the RAF Seletar Association web site. One of our current residents shares his father’s memories of life in Seletar in the early 1950s. John’s letter to RAF Seletar web site Peter’s journal Some notes about Seletar Airbase from Wikipedia RAF Seletar was a Royal Air Force station in Singapore between 1928 and 1971. Plans for establishing an airfield, … Continue reading Spitfires in Singapore

The Happiness Formula

Over the weekend, we caught a little bit of what promises to be a fascinating experience on BBC World – a six-part series profiling research from around the world on what makes humans happy. The Happiness Formula trails scientists who say they know how to measure happiness and are piecing together what they believe really makes us happy. Should be interesting. The subject of happiness … Continue reading The Happiness Formula

Biodiversity in Singapore

The sheer spectrum of flora and fauna in Seletar is simply breathtaking. Butterflies and birds are just the more obvious groups. It got us thinking about the status of biodiversity in this island. EarthTrends publishes an Environmental Information Portal and has comparative data for many countries. According to its profile of Singapore, protected areas as a percent of total land in Singapore is 5.5% versus … Continue reading Biodiversity in Singapore

Postcards from Seletar

The BBC’s special report forecasting impact of climate change is sobering. As much as we in Singapore think we can insulate ourselves, inevitably we too will be impacted. On a happier note, the Camp continues to ignite imagination – The Governance Board was awarded a project last week, and as part of our deliverables, we will be commissioning sketches of nature at the camp – … Continue reading Postcards from Seletar

Any lessons from the Clifford Pier experience?

Built in 1933, Clifford Pier was a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers. A red oil lamp used to hang from the pier as a guide to seafarers, earning the pier the name Red Lamp Pier. The pier was later used as a terminal for tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries heading for the Southern Islands. Clifford Pier was … Continue reading Any lessons from the Clifford Pier experience?