If you are looking to re-connect:

The are plenty of people in and around the UK, Canada, USA, Spain and Australia who organise regional events to do with the Seletar Association and other interesting matters to do with the RAF. If you’re not sure who’s who and how to contact them – here’s the list with phone numbers.


One thought on “Reunions

  1. I am trying to trace three ex RAF servicemen who served in Singapore. To best of my recollection the information that I have provided are below :

    1.Tony Eldridge, he was married to Jill,. had three boys, Carl, Conrad and the 3rd boy also named with a name starting with C. They stayed in Serangoon Gardens and later in Bedok. Stationed in RAF Seletar – 390 MU as a Corporal and later in RAF Changi from 1967 to 1969. Last known address in UK was at St Iyes Huntington, Camb.

    2. Nobby Clark married, In RAF Tengah MT Flight from around 1968 to 1970. Stayed at Riffle Range rd off Bukit Timah, last known address was Nottingham Forest,England.

    3.Mike Francis married to Jill if I remember correctly, had two children a girl and a boy, stayed at Jalan Bumbong off woodlands road. Was seconded to Singapore Air Force from 1972 to 1975, stationed in RAF Tengah. Was Chief Tech, E/I vocation. .

    I hope the user of this website, hopefully may be able to help. Would love to meet them. I have been to UK before but was unsuccessful in finding them, please assist if you have come across them. They can contact me via my email. (Hi Pete thanks for the website) Thank you

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