Mornington Crescent, 1950s

A sample of pictures from the Taylor family, and happy times at Mornington Crescent.


14 thoughts on “Mornington Crescent, 1950s

  1. I live in one of the houses on Mornington Crescent now. I wonder if the picture shown above is of the house i’m occupying now – would be nice to know the history of this place.

  2. we lived at 21 Mornington Crescent 1961 /63 loved it . I was 10 in 1963 Clive A Cub17th Singapore, sister Marylyn and C/tech Bob (was in the camp band) and Audry. The Birds lived in the same block next door Colin was in The Sea Scout band(big drum) Sandra (i think) and there big brother John worked at camp MT (Motor Transport )

    1. We lived at number 21 in 1954. I was born in Changi hospital but was only a few weeks old when we left to go back to England. (Well not “back” for me as I had never been in England)! My eldest brother was 7 and the next one down was 4 so they remember a bit about it. There was a big Magnolia tree outside the bedroom window apparenrly which Brian would climb down.
      I am visiting Singapore next March (2018) so I will probably take a trip to Seletar and Mornington Crescent.

      1. the crescent was green in our day . i stoped off on my way back from a month in Aus in my 40s only 3 days but well worth the visit . thanks for taking me back in time young lady Clive

  3. Hi Nisa and Clive,

    I used to live at No.12 Mornington Crescent. I believe it’s the same building as the one the Taylors used to occupy. This would be the unit facing the former DCA building.
    I lived there for about 15 years as my dad used to work in one of the Aviation companies in Seletar (Singas which later became Dowty Aerospace before they moved to loyang).

    Nisa, the unit you used to live in used to be occupied by my childhood friend. Behing Mornington Crescent, there would be a huge field joining us to Lambeth Walk where, where my other friends lived. This place brings back many fond memories and I remember back in the days when everyone knew almost everyone who lived in the camp. I even remember the old cinema there…

    1. @Hi Darren, i think we grew up together if i racall right. Do you have an older sister from Serangoon Secondary? I forgot her name. I lived at 14 Mornington with my 2 younger brothers Nesan and Ramesh.
      @ Nisa, great chilhood memories for all of us in the airbase.I lived there from 1978-87′.
      Have been back for visits and it’s so sad that the whole west camp is gone.I pass by my old pass every time i’m in Singapore.
      Selvi Thiagarajan…

    2. HI we lived at far end 21 1961-63 time the crescent was a green field and a clear view to the school across the main road my climing tree was cut down to build about late 1962. Clive Breakwell N Wales UK.

      1. Hi Clive,
        We lived at 21 in 1954. Just saw the houses last week and took photos for my brother to see. The houses are still in very good nick.

  4. Hi Darren

    I am still at No. 8. Our current lease ends this year, but we hope to stay for much longer.

    The field you talked of still exists, and is used by many residents and their pets for their morning/ evening walks. We also use it as a short-cut to Lambeth Walk 🙂

  5. Hello,
    My wife Lisa and I lived at #10 between 2003 and 2005. It was our happiest home while we lived in Singapore. It’s sad to see the area now, as the houses have been “let go” somewhat.
    Leon, now back in Melbourne

    1. Hi Leon, there are a number of houses currently being refurbished in Morning Crescent as it’s been vacated by the previous tenants. I’ll be sad when it’s time for us to go, because as you said, it’s our happiest home too.

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