Seletar Base Golf Club

Update: On 30th June 2007, The Golf Club closed its doors. According to SLA, the clubhouse and grounds are available for rental till 31st December 2007.

Background (as narrated on Seletar Golf Club’s website)

Seletar Base Golf Club came into existence on 1 January 2002 with the aim of placing golf within reach of anyone interested in playing and enjoying this great game. Formed to provide highly affordable golf membership to the public, Seletar Base Golf Club will continue the legacy in playing a leading role in achieving Singapore Sports Council’s objective of promoting golf to the general public. Seletar Base Golf Club wass fortunate to have at its doorstep Seletar Base Golf Course, a 9-hole Course reputed to be the best walking course in Singapore.

Rich History

Seletar Base Golf Course has a rich history and heritage. It was originally built as a golf club for the British Royal Air Force in 1930. Pictured below is the first Clubhouse with spectators.


When the British Forces withdrew in 1971, the golf course was handed over to the then National Sports Promotion Board (NSPB) who took over the running of the course. The NSPB then renamed it as Seletar Country Club and appointed a committee to run it as a members’ club.

The greens were subsequently all changed from cowgrass to Bermuda Twiffdwarf and tee boxes were relocated and upgraded. The fairways were lined with now mature trees.

The Nineteenth, which was little more than a large outhouse, was renovated into a proper Clubhouse and was officially opened by the Minister for Community Development, Mr. Wong Kan Seng, on 28 February 1988. New recreational facilities were added, including a swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, billiards and karaoke rooms, restaurants and a lounge.

In 1995, when Seletar Country Club moved to its present premises next to the Lower Seletar Reservoir, the course then became a public golf course. To this end, Seletar CC, with the agreement of the Singapore Golf Association, set up a process for the public golfers to meet the requirements of the USGA Handicapping System. These golfers who regularly played golf at the Seletar Base Golf Course and who meet the USGA Handicapping requirements were issued handicap indexes and had their handicaps maintained by Seletar Country Club.


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