In praise of broadband

I’ve often thought that the idyll of working from a kampung while being an IT industry analyst is only possible when the communications infrastructure is in place. Kudos to iDA for continuing to drive enhancements.

Singapore, one of the world’s busiest seaports, aims to become one of the most connected with WISEPORT (WIreless-broadband-access for SEaPORT). The initiative between the Port Authority of Singapore and iDAre will provide all ships within 15 kilometers of Singapore’s shoreline with real-time data communication. from daily wireless

iDA announced that it would allotted the 3,400- to 10,600-MHz spectrum bands and set an emissions cap of -70 dBm/MHz for most Ultra Wideband(UWB) applications. Any devices complying with the technical and emission standards would be exempt from licensing requirements. This move would likely spur the early adoption and commercialization of UWB applications in Singapore. from Sikod

Newly developed computer training course organized by Singapore’s Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) is designed to help disabled people upgrade their IT skills for the demands of today’s business environment. It offers trainees the opportunity to earn a certificate in basic information technology skills, such as how to use Microsoft Office and surf the Internet, said Kong Kook Wai, deputy director of the SPD’s Infocomm Accessibility Center. The year-long course aims to help trainees find jobs that pay at least S$500 to S$600 per month. source: Computerworld

Digital Concierge could potentially help the national Tourism 2015 goal of achieving 17 million visitor arrivals and S$30 billion (US$19.5 billion) in tourism receipts. It will make use of Singapore’s islandwide Internet Wi-Fi access or the available cellular network, to offer personalized and location-based services such as recommendations on places to visit, restaurants to eat at and activities to do. Source ZDNet


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