Peek into the forbidden zone

Back in March 2007, when ex-RAF personnel visited Singapore, their tour included an afternoon inside the secured part of Seletar Camp.

We saw the Singapore Youth Flying Club, construction of which called for the demise of G & H blocks, plus the West Camp Sergeants’ Mess, Airmens’ Mess and NAAFI. …. . Flying boat wing was my area, and as long as you turn your back on the Straits, things haven’t changed too much down there. Turn around though, and you’ll discover trees now grow where Sunderlands once moored; and whatever happened to that magnificent jetty? Still, time moves on, and so did we, back to a rather damp parade ground. But I must say, it looked rather grand reflecting the light the way it did. And by now, with the sun occasionally peeking through, the lighting was good for some spectacular shots of the East Camp barrack blocks, all of which remain intact, along with what used to be the Airmen’s Mess, and Malcolm Club. In fact, our next visit was to what used to be the NAAFI, above that Mess. It is now an auditorium.

Read David Taylor’s 10th Anniversary Reunion review in full at the RAF Seletar Association site.


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