RAF visits the camp

RAF Seletar, Singapore, was an RAF station from 1928 through to 1971. The RAF Seletar Association was formed in 1997 to help bring together anyone who have had any dealings with the base in any capacity service or civilian.

Forces reunited has a long and growing list of ex-Seletar RAF personnel.

 Some background

Chinese immigrants to Singapore established settlements in the 1840s, dotting the northern part of Singapore with gambier and pepper plantations. It is widely believed that the name Seletar pre-dates even these settlers, and in fact relates to native tribes in fishing villages along the coast.

The first RAF base outside the United Kingdom was constructed in 1928 at what is now known as Seletar Airbase. Seletar: Crowning Glory by David Taylor is a colourful history of RAF Seletar in Singapore – from its earliest days to its hand-over in 1971. 10 years ago, the RAF Seletar Association was established, and its updates are online.

One of our current residents shares his father’s memories of life in Seletar in the early 1950s. Peter Gidden’s journals are also available.


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