Pingat Jasa Malaysia

This remarkable entry in the RAF Seletar web site – kudos to the Malaysian government for acknowledging contribution of the veterans.

In 2005 the Malaysian Government approached the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to seek approval to present their new medal, known as the Pingat Jasa Malaysia, to British veterans and others who served in operations in Malaya/Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966.

Ex-residents continue to remember their time in South East Asia with fondness. In March 2007, the Association celebrated its 10th anniversary, which included a journey back to the Airbase.


2 thoughts on “Pingat Jasa Malaysia

  1. I served my second tour at RAF Seletar fromFeb1957 until Nov 1959.How can I apply for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal.


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