Links for 2007-09-09

Goodbye to the Intelligent Singaporean
– finally got around to reading other Singapore blogs, only to discover the rather cryptic final post

Recently certain events have prompted me to re-evaluate the role & relevance of the Intelligent Singaporean in the Singapore socio-political blogosphere. These events have forced me to reconsider whether continuing my aggregation work furthers the original cause of IS.


Online competition from Jenny and Erin

How big of a role do habits play in your daily life? Do your habits typically form intentionally or unconsciously? What approaches have you found successful in shaping them?

Singapore encouraged to collaborate, rather than compete

How does Singapore, with several thousand new developers each year, compete with India that is churning out at least 100x as many? Our software team in India showed me some statistics that even amazed me. India is expected to have 30,000 software development companies and 2 million developers by 2011. Today, the age of the average developer in India is 25. The Singapore EDB has good cause to worry, and even better cause to start thinking seriously about open source. What I told the Singapore EDB was that they shouldn’t worry about competing with the millions of developers in India, they should worry about working with them. Developers don’t buy software, they join communities. Singapore’s EDB has done some amazing things on a small scale. They helped sponsor the Grid Discovery Zone, a mini utility compute grid, where any researcher in Singapore can get free access to a 16 processor core Solaris Container running on a grid of Sun Fire x4600 servers. Singapore has a huge potential to collaborate with their nearby neighbor, India, on open source, and India has definitely adopted open source at the national level.


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