Seletar Dreams group on Flickr

935 photos from 56 members – head over to the pool for a blast from the past.

Seletar Dreams pool on Flickr


One thought on “Seletar Dreams group on Flickr

  1. My Dad, LAC William Henry Stallard, served at RAF Seletar, Singapore, was at Kuala Lumpur (Burma) and later at BCAIR Iwakuni shortly after the Hiroshima bomb. (Demob Friday May 16th 1947)
    He was known as “Jock” then, by his family as “Harry”, and by my Mum as “Bill.”
    My Dad died in October 2007. My Mum, Betty, is still going strong!

    I’m trying to find out as much as possible about his service, particularly 17 Squadron and 7132SE

    All the best, Jim Stallard

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