Renewed interest from ex-residents

August and September have been busy months on this blog, with ex-residents reminiscing. The most popular threads:

  1. Theatre Club – now with 24 comments and counting!
  2. St Andrew’s Church at the Airbase
  3. Ex-resident clears up mystery

Even the re:act project from 2006 has been attracting attention.
Seletar Airbase project


3 thoughts on “Renewed interest from ex-residents

  1. I’d like to post some pictures of Seletar here of the Yacht Club, Swimming Pool, Jalan Kaiyu Village and Puldon Court. We were in Singapore from 1956-1959, saw Merdekka and we have a few hundred 35mm photos of the time. Fun memories, Singapore really changes a kid’s head.

    1. Hello Cliff
      I would be very interested in you pictures.
      I was in Singapore with my family from the Later 50s to 1967 we were in a bungalow in Jalan Kayu before moving to the camp Finally ending up in Birdcage Walk.
      In a past Marriage my ex gathered up all my old photos and burned the lot so I am trying to regain what I lost .
      Anything would be of great interest .
      Cheers Dave Tobin..

  2. Please do.
    I would love to see them , especially of the old ones of Jalan Kayu village. I can,t recognise the place from the modern pictures.

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