Jalankayu Singapuras

So there I was Googling ‘jalankayu’, omitting the space between Jalan and Kayu by accident, and found an amazing site for pedigree cats 🙂 In France? Here’s why I was stationed near Jalan Kayu (ed. that would be Seletar Airbase) during 1966 and 1967. It was my local village for shopping, including food and I … More Jalankayu Singapuras

Heritage Trail

Based on the foundation laid by the team at Pei Hwa, we now have a bona fide Jalan Kayu Heritage trail guided tour. Below are the dates we received from the Community Centre that is organising these walks. Registration is required, using the downloadable form on CC’s site. Well worth the 3 hours, if the … More Heritage Trail