Royal Air Force Seletar Reunion Tour – March 2009

via Mid March saw thirty-eight members of the Association once again gathering at that ancient conglomeration of buildings known as Heathrow Airport…… lots of great pictures of Singapore, including the sad mid-demolition one of the old mess hall. “After Singapore, it was time for one group to head back for the UK and another … More Royal Air Force Seletar Reunion Tour – March 2009

One year on

12 months ago, residents along Haymarket, Bayswater, Kinghtsbridge, Hyde Park Gate, The Oval, Swallow Street and parts of Edgeware Road and Regent Street were hosting garage sales, packing up and bidding farewell to a very special place. It seems like the right time to reflect on what has actually happened to Seletar since it was … More One year on

Eurocopter breaks ground in Seletar

As reported by Channel News Asia Companies express interest to build aviation centre at Seletar By Cheow Xinyi/Ryan Huang, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 31 October 2009 Even before a tender is called, companies have expressed interest in building the General Aviation Centre at the upcoming Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP), according to JTC Corporation. The centre … More Eurocopter breaks ground in Seletar

Rolls Royce expands

Today in the Straits Times When the projects are completed in a few years, Rolls-Royce, which now employs about 1,400 people here, will increase its head count to 2,000, its regional director, Singapore, Mr Jonathan Asherson told The Straits Times on Tuesday. Still a long way to the 10,000 ‘new jobs’ EDB promised when it … More Rolls Royce expands

Seletar Fuel Depot

As reported by Ven Sreenivasan in Business Times on June 4th, 2009 Redevelopment of the 300-hectare Seletar Aerospace Park is on schedule despite a slump in the global aviation industry. JTC Corp’s CEO Ow Foong Pheng said the developers of the aerospace park, led by JTC, would press on with infrastructural works to ensure that … More Seletar Fuel Depot


Weekend update from Suresh – original at the Seletar Airbase album Demolition of an old Black and White bungalow on Brompton Road. The red dust, backlit by the setting sun, comes from the bricks that are being torn down

Seletar Boy

Inset to main story at Straits Times 30 March RETIRED Major Yeo Kuan Joo, 72, who is coordinator and guide for the RAF Seletar Association members on tour here, has a special relationship with Seletar Airbase. After losing his father in World War II, the middle child of three children, then aged about 11, met … More Seletar Boy

Chikungunya in Seletar Camp?

A few of the remaining residents at Seletar Camp appear to be suffering from a mystery illness not unlike chikungunya. Sussex Gardens has been boarded up at one end, and that JTC has organised fogging. Here’s to a speedy recovery for all those impacted by this difficult virus.

Seletar homes and residents wanted by photographer

Highlighting a comment we had in an earlier post: I am currently seeking former residents of Seletar Camp who would be willing to be photographed at their homes prior to their being “expunged.” I also have a brief questionnaire for them so that I can personalize the photos with some of their poignant memories and … More Seletar homes and residents wanted by photographer


Some discussion going on over at The Online Citizen Singapore expunged… bit by bit And Suresh has posted up some more photos at his stream Heavy machinery moving in as the end of the year approaches. This house is slated for demolition.

Which houses will stay, which will be demolished?

We’ve had quite a few debates about which houses will remain standing, and which have been earmarked for demolition in January 2009. Thankfully, Isabelle was able to superimpose our definitive residential map on to the projections for Seletar Aerospace Hub Park provided in EDB’s fact sheet. Legend The School of Logistics and 2 houses at … More Which houses will stay, which will be demolished?

The final stretch

It has been a strange summer. On the one hand, making the most of our final days here at Seletar has been motivating some residents to continue with nature walks, art festivals and bonhomie. On the other hand, as the clock ticks louder, a strange apathy is enveloping us. Some of our neighbours have moved … More The final stretch

Diminishing Memories

Come September, Singapore’s very first farm resorts would be officially launched in Singapore. While most Singaporeans are delighted to know of yet another family outing place to visit during weekends, the question is how many people actually know about the history and heritage of Lim Chu Kang, the residents who used to reside on this … More Diminishing Memories

A new chapter

With less than 6 months left at Seletar for most residents, many of us are contemplating what comes next. Somewhere in our future is a compilation of the community, history and lifestyle that was ours for a while. In fact, there just might be an analysis of the three tribes that occupied this swampy outpost … More A new chapter

Nature walks: Sunday July 6th and Saturday July 12th

Tree felling at the former gold course has created a wave of birds migrating to the residential areas, at least for the next 6 months before this area is also flattened to create a longer runway and adjacent hangars. Join one of the guided tours by residents and enjoy these exceptional creatures and their antics. … More Nature walks: Sunday July 6th and Saturday July 12th