Winning podcast competition entry about Seletar

In case you missed it, former young resident Huda-Addeana Husaini’s entry for a national school podcasts competition 2008 is now up on YouTube, in four parts. Be sure to crank up the volume to enjoy the birdsong!


4 thoughts on “Winning podcast competition entry about Seletar

  1. I last visited Seletar Camp in 2007 when it was possible for me to walk around the parts of the camp not ccupiesdby the SAF.
    It was a very sad sight to see that buildings were being boarded up ready for the bulldozers.
    I am visiting Singapore in November but I fear that walking about the camp will not be allowed.
    No doubt that the camp was one of the best I ever served at during 25 years of service.One of the very few open spaces on the island will be lost forever, vvery sad but then that’s called progress.

  2. I cannot believe it. My dear dad was killed on active service in 1953. We lived on Regent St… I’m returning for ther first time next year..and now mI find it’s gone. I’m heartbroken.

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