3 thoughts on “Fate of the Oval and Lancaster Gate

  1. I think nothing remains of both addresses that were listed. We drove in the camp, trying to find the places but either it’s just empty land, or has been sealed off. We will try again today, this time on foot and during the day.

  2. So sad Ken – I know I am a few years late in replying to this, but my parents were stationed at 10 The Oval, for nearly 4 years when I was a child. Very fond memories indeed of Seletar, Jalan Kayu (how that has changed!!) and Changi pool. Would love to see any old photos around – we were there between 1959 and 1962/3 I think, before returning to Kinloss as the next posting. Very happy days indeed, apart from the snakes and monsoon blisters!

  3. I lived at 6 The Oval till about 1955 My Dad was a navigator on Sunderlands and we were all on the base in Seletar Those days were the best I have ever had. I attended Seletar primary school, was a Brownie and even performed in the theatre club. My son was in Singapore two years ago, he visited 6 the oval and even took photos – the day before it was going to be demolished. The photos show my bedroom, the loung and, porch. My what memories. We came on a second visit in 1956-57 and lived on the corner of Brighten Crescent and the Serangoon Road. I took my 11+ exam (Murray House) and was at school at Changi Grammar. I was also a ballet student and took lessons at the Singapore Ballet Academy. Those days were the happiest I have ever had. I still remember my amah who looked after us all and our dog whose name CD, named after the CD office.
    My Dad´s name Flight Lieutenant Leslie Joseph Lewis. Lou to his friends and my Mum, a South African, Ruby.

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