One year on

12 months ago, residents along Haymarket, Bayswater, Kinghtsbridge, Hyde Park Gate, The Oval, Swallow Street and parts of Edgeware Road and Regent Street were hosting garage sales, packing up and bidding farewell to a very special place.


It seems like the right time to reflect on what has actually happened to Seletar since it was handed over to JTC. I’ve set up an account at Foursquare to build profiles of key places. Join me, and share your stories.


2 thoughts on “One year on

  1. A very sad trip to see the RAF Seletar camp on November 2009 almost brought me to tears .Most of the married quarters and buildings have been demolished make way for a re-generation project .
    Such was the state of the camp,that it was almost impossible to navigate the roads that we remember so well.
    I lived at 1 Lancaster Gate 1968/1971,in March 2007 when I last visited,my bungalow had been
    extended and even had a small swimming pool.
    The owner had obviously done a lot of work to the property and to see the earthworks where once the bungalow stood and I really felt sorry that the demolition had taken place
    Mornington Crescent had not been touched but this may well be bulldozered this year
    For such an open spaced area with an abundance of trees and birds to end up like it has, is quite shameful on such a small island.

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