RAF Seletar Association has a new home

RAF_Seletar_CrestThe official website of the RAF Seletar Association now incorporates RAF Tengah Association and can be found at http://www.rafseletar.org

This website is designed to help keep alive the memories of service personnel and others lucky enough to have served at RAF Seletar Singapore which was an active RAF station from 1928 through to 1971. Membership is open to all Service and civilian personnel, including their families and relatives, who served at Seletar, Tengah, and any associated units on the Island of Singapore. This includes past and present personnel of the Singapore Armed Forces.


2 thoughts on “RAF Seletar Association has a new home

  1. I have recently written and had published a book about my early life serving at RAF Tengah 1962-1964. The book is part fact and part fiction and involves a story told to me by a civilian Chinese worker about his experiences twenty years earlier living under the brutal Japanese occupation. His determination to seek vengeance on the Japs for murdering his father, and his experiences fighting with Chinese resistance forces in Singapore and Malaya. I would hope that former RAF people who served in Singapore would find this book interesting. It is available in paperback from Amazon and also on Kindle. Titled :” Rising Sun Memories” by Stuart James

  2. stephen gowen i have my fathers photo album of his time at selatar 1953 would the selatar association wish to receive these i also have the wooden packing case in which my fathers pocessions were sent to and from singapore with all the stencils on the outside “acces not required during voyage” etc stephen 07 570 886 842

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