Singapore’s Secret Garden

During 2006, a team from Really Architecture collated an online scrapbook, and a video analysis of life at the Airbase. Extract from culturepush:

When it was announced that Clifford Pier would cease operations in March 2006 with plans to develop the landmark into the inevitable mall complex, there was public outcry against Singapore’s rapidly disappearing heritage. In a constant struggle between tradition and progress, iconic buildings such as the National Library and National Theatre have been swiftly torn down to make way for modern conveniences.

In the past, news of a historical building’s impending demolishment have been met with protest, usually through a flurry of letters published in the Straits Times. Li Xiuqi took it a step further. On discovering that Seletar Airbase was to be demolished to make way for a new aerospace park, the 26-year old architecture graduate made a film, Seletar Airbase: Singapore’s Secret Garden, to capture the area’s serenity and historical charm that will soon be lost come 2008. The film will be screened as part of the Substation’s 2nd Indie Documentary Festival on 6th March and at Timbre on 13th March.”Seletar Airbase: Singapore’s Secret Garden” is screening twice in the Substation over the next two weeks.


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