One of the most memorable discoveries as we moved in was the Sunday ritual of exploring Garage Sales – we were thrilled to see this tradition alive and well in the Camp. It suggested there was a community of ready buyers, people who were happy to take on used goods. Quite the departure from the more common practice in Singapore of ‘on with the new and off with the old’.

Recycling per se has of course gained more attention, but what does that really mean? Should economic consideration (I can make some money selling used stuff/I can save some money buying used stuff) be the driving factor, or is there something else at play? Perhaps in Seletar, as we live that much closer to nature, and stare at the past, so evident in the buildings and signposts that surround us, keeping used stuff is an extension of cherishing collective experiences.

Other developments on ‘recycling’ around us:

Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore

Incentives through free insurance

Is SembWaste competing with the rag-n-bone man?



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