Heritage Trees

Did you know that Singapore’s National Parks Board has listed 7 trees in Seletar Airbase in its Heritage Tree Register? They are all broad leafed mahoganies, entry numbers 143 through 150.

When space was cleared for creation of an RAF base, some trees were obviously spared.

Along Bayswater


2 thoughts on “Heritage Trees

  1. Actually, there is also a Tembusu (Fragrea fragrans) listed. It’s No 42, located at No 13, Maida Vale.
    According to the residents there, the tree has amazing birds nesting and resting there. Not least a pair of fishing eagles (species unidentified)!

  2. I wonder if they are the eagles we sometimes see diving to pick up snakes – quite spectacular to see them fly off with prey clipped in their beaks.

    Shame NParks does not track bamboo clusters, there is one along Sussex Gardens that is noteworthy

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