Life in the day of a novice webmaster

Welcome to the 30+ new subscribers who have signed on in the past 3 days! Your interest in this project is gratifying.

By now, you will have realised that this website is maintained by a novice – so please bear with me as I try to unravel the mysteries of html, CSS and other good stuff. Over the weekend I discovered that when the Seletar Tribes site (a former avatar) was merged into the Postcards site, I had overlooked an important element – the option to determine who can comment. I know many of you have been flexing your fingers anxiously waiting to post your responses, so now that the comment facility has been enabled, please type away. We look forward to your feedback.

We have a new permanent page dedicated to celebrating the ‘uniquely’ Seletar Airbase. I will keep this page updated, so if you have something happening that you would like to add here, just post a response to this post with a link, and I can pick it up.

For those of you looking for a glimpse of the actual notebook, here it is (I’m sure there is a more elegant way to present it, but for now, my skills will stretch only this far). Each notebook has 8 images, therefore 8 postcards, and in between each image card are 5 sheets of notes pages.

Front cover ——-Inside flap——Notes page ——-An image —–narrative


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