14 medals and BJets

Singapore wins 14 medals
Congratulations to the team 🙂

Singapore’s disabled athletes have scored a big win at an international sports meet in Taipei. The bi-annual event is known as the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) World Wheelchair and Amputee Games 2007.

Singapore based aviation company to start operations in India

The company is right now in the process of working out its business models, said Baier, who met potential business associates in India. “Over the next few months, it will be clear to us whether we should first start operations in India or China,” he said. People familiar with BJets’ plans say it has already started groundwork to start operations in India, including recruitment of staff for its fleet of aircraft.

Maybe I’m being simple about the economic model, but isn’t this migration of business inevitable? Potential customers for private planes are predominantly in China and India – both countries also have the largest pools of skilled professionals. Why would they need to come to a third place like Singapore to have their jets serviced in the long term?


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