Goodbye Norma Jean in Hokkien

Last night several residents celebrated their respective birthdays – ranging from 4 to 52 years. There were many highlights, but one I know I will always remember is Xavier’s rendition of Elton John’s ballad – part of it elocuted in Hokkien, no less 😉 We are planning for the book launch at the end of September, probably to include a Nature Walk. We tried to … Continue reading Goodbye Norma Jean in Hokkien

t minus 18 months

By December 2008, many of us will have to leave this amazing place we have cherished and call home. Articulating what makes it special is proving harder than we thought – we need to build a scrapbook that can illustrate an extraordinary co-existence of gracious people, historical buildings, wild (ish) animals and majestic trees, all enveloped in tranquility. I’ve just moved across some of the … Continue reading t minus 18 months

“We see dead people”

One of our part time cleaners regaled us with stories about ghosts in the Camp, and how prolific sightings were. This was news to us; neither of us could claim to have seen, or felt, anything that would suggest paranormal presence. But like a persistent toothache, the fascination about ghosts would not go away. Soon we discovered that the Camp has a resident ‘ghost buster’ … Continue reading “We see dead people”

Postcards project goes live

Finally the dedicated site for our ‘Postcards’ project is up. Some of us believe that the special ambience of Seletar Camp is worth capturing for future generations to at least read about. ‘Postcards from Seletar’ is a project by The Governance Board. We plan to publish four volumes of bound research and artwork that will look at the nature, architecture, heritage and community in the … Continue reading Postcards project goes live

Just a few more months

Residents of Seletar Airbase have been assured tenancy until December 2008. Back in July 2006, the deadline seemed far away. Twelve months on, the ticking clock is getting louder. The window to capture this environment as we know and love it is narrowing. Despite the fact that no official masterplan for the Aerospace Hub has been published, construction work has begun. Hopefully we still have … Continue reading Just a few more months