Word on the Street

Seems like the term ‘Seletar’ has been used quite a bit on search engines this past week; I thought I’d see what other bloggers have been saying.

Seletar Oasis is a sweet narrative of just how pleasant the simple things in life can be, like a stroll through green spaces.

One Less Car points out the consequence of noise pollution in Hougang

Possible photo expedition before the charm is lost forever

Jalan Kayu Trail posts article from Straits Times, with reassurances from JTC that “‘The houses will be retained and conserved so the ambience of the environment is maintained. For the same reason, more than 30 distinctive trees will not be cut down” according to Mr Leong Hong Yew, JTC Corporation’s deputy director for industrial development (East)

Trekkers planning to meet outside the golf driving range – July 8th

Article in the New Paper


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