Ducks, snails and space tourism

No earthquake related tremors in Seletar, we seem to miss out on some of these excitements. Some news/discussion worth passing on:

The ‘Great Singapore Duck Race’ has make a comeback this year, which could very well be the last duck race in Singapore because the Singapore River will be developed into a reservoir as part of the Marina barrage project – more from YeinJee

Spotted a pale snail in the garden this morning, reminded me of something on Budak’s site about yellow snails. The one in our garden was not so fancy, just the normal garden snail, looking washed out. Maybe partying too hard 😉

Space Tourism Firm Short on Funds, Partners for Singapore SpaceportMore than a year after the project was first announced, U.S. company Space Adventures Ltd. said Tuesday it was still seeking local partners and financing for a Singapore-based spaceport to launch suborbital tourism flights. An apt reminder that business plans alone do not define reality.

The latest focus of Brand That Nation!— tip sheet for countries that may or may not be considering new branding campaigns and that just might want to improve their image in the U.S. travel market, where simple, easy-to-remember slogans are key. Suggestions for Singapore include the cheesy “Follow the Rules and the Only Cane You’ll See is Sugar”

Singapore eyes nanotech ‘city-state’ approach at ICBN – In an attempt to move nanotechnology research and development forward, Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo says his country must begin to emulate an Italian renaissance city-state.


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