This list is work-in-progress. If you know of a significant Seletar Airbase related event that should be added to this timeline, please leave a comment below. Thanks 🙂

parameswara-portrait1400 – Parameswara flees the Majapahits from Seletar River, moves north to Muar and proceeds to found the Sultanate of Melaka

1921 – Cabinet approves establishment of a naval base and an airfield in Malaya

28th February 1928 – first flights land at Seletar Airbase

7th October 1928 – first civilian landing, Spirit of Australia

May 1930 – Amy Johnson stops on her UK – Australia flight in a Gipsy Moth named ‘Jason‘

1942-1945 – Japanese occupation

30th March 1971 – RAF farewell ceremony

1971 December – The Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) was established to introduce aviation and provide flight training to the youths of Singapore. The Club is synonymous with the Republic of Singapore Air Force with the primary mission of attracting young Singaporeans to military aviation.

1997 – RAF Seletar Association is formed

2006 May – EDB announces Seletar Airport and its surrounding area of over 140 hectares of land have been earmarked to host a new integrated aerospace industry cluster

2007 June – JTC publishes MasterPlan, with a six lane highway to be built over what is currently Kinghtsbridge and Lancaster Gate


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