It’s official

Early this week, some residents at Seletar Airbase received written confirmation that their leases will not be renewed beyond December 2008. Thankfully only some of the black & whites will be demolished, the rest will be re-assigned from residential to commercial status to support an aviation training zone. I’m checking with JTC if their mao can be published here, so stay tuned.

Folks at Jalan Kayu Trail have unearthed a couple of old photos depicting the shophouses in the 1950s.

Looking ahead, we have a lunar eclipse coming up on August 27th/28th. The views from Seletar Airbase should be spectacular, as we do have less light pollution than the built up areas of the island.

Fans of Seletar have begun their final pilgrimage, it seems. Some images from Kok Sheng’s recent visit, of the buildings, and birds. And dubbie’s flickr album


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