Heritage and community

Yesterday, I had a call from a reporter at The New Paper, who wanted to know if any progress had been made about setting up a museum about Seletar Airbase. Certainly it was an idea we had considered about 18 months ago, but raising funds for a suitable location just defeated the part-time efforts we could muster. There was no interest from The Heritage Board, or The Heritage Society. The lost significance of Seletar Airbase was apparent when a visit to National Archives showed that the photos and comments gathered at Postcards from Seletar and Jalan Kayu Trail were richer than what was held at the archives.

That said, more does seem available online now than 2 years ago, part of it could be due to Google recognising frequently visited sites better. The ministry of Defence in Singapore has 1968 – Seletar Airbase – Witness to history. Singapore’s Family site has Uncover the cool hangouts at Seletar Base with your troops. CAAS appears to have updated its site on Seletar Airport. And of course, Seletar Country Club, which seems to be thriving despite being in the midst of numerous road construction projects.

I’m off to get the papers, see what was written, and check out the Children’s Fair this afternoon. Busy day at the Airbase.


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