Which houses will stay, which will be demolished?

We’ve had quite a few debates about which houses will remain standing, and which have been earmarked for demolition in January 2009. Thankfully, Isabelle was able to superimpose our definitive residential map on to the projections for Seletar Aerospace Hub Park provided in EDB’s fact sheet. Legend The School of Logistics and 2 houses at … More Which houses will stay, which will be demolished?

The final stretch

It has been a strange summer. On the one hand, making the most of our final days here at Seletar has been motivating some residents to continue with nature walks, art festivals and bonhomie. On the other hand, as the clock ticks louder, a strange apathy is enveloping us. Some of our neighbours have moved … More The final stretch

Diminishing Memories

Come September, Singapore’s very first farm resorts would be officially launched in Singapore. While most Singaporeans are delighted to know of yet another family outing place to visit during weekends, the question is how many people actually know about the history and heritage of Lim Chu Kang, the residents who used to reside on this … More Diminishing Memories

A new chapter

With less than 6 months left at Seletar for most residents, many of us are contemplating what comes next. Somewhere in our future is a compilation of the community, history and lifestyle that was ours for a while. In fact, there just might be an analysis of the three tribes that occupied this swampy outpost … More A new chapter

Nature walks: Sunday July 6th and Saturday July 12th

Tree felling at the former gold course has created a wave of birds migrating to the residential areas, at least for the next 6 months before this area is also flattened to create a longer runway and adjacent hangars. Join one of the guided tours by residents and enjoy these exceptional creatures and their antics. … More Nature walks: Sunday July 6th and Saturday July 12th

World’s airlines say they face $2.3bn loss

According to The Times The global airline industry has downgraded its forecast for this year for the third time and now is predicting losses in 2008 of $2.3 billion (£1.1 billion) because of sustained high oil prices.The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents airlines, also said that if oil prices stayed at $135 a … More World’s airlines say they face $2.3bn loss

More to do in Seletar Camp during school holidays

Sabine has just launched her new workshops at Le Petit Atelier Come and join our NEW series of workshops designing a « petite vitrine » (little shop window in French). This 3-day workshop celebrates Asia’s exotic and colourful fruit markets (even apples come from China!). These “vitrines” are a fun and creative way for kids … More More to do in Seletar Camp during school holidays

Jalankayu Singapuras

So there I was Googling ‘jalankayu’, omitting the space between Jalan and Kayu by accident, and found an amazing site for pedigree cats 🙂 In France? Here’s why I was stationed near Jalan Kayu (ed. that would be Seletar Airbase) during 1966 and 1967. It was my local village for shopping, including food and I … More Jalankayu Singapuras

Heritage Trail

Based on the foundation laid by the team at Pei Hwa, we now have a bona fide Jalan Kayu Heritage trail guided tour. Below are the dates we received from the Community Centre that is organising these walks. Registration is required, using the downloadable form on CC’s site. Well worth the 3 hours, if the … More Heritage Trail

Residents’ reunion

In honour of Julia and Brian, former residents at Seletar Camp, who are in Singapore for a short visit, there is a little reunion from 1830 on Saturday, May 10th. Contact Sue for more details at 9105 7778.

Bicycle Blitzkrieg – The Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore

Just came across a cracking essay that seemed worth passing on – full document at linked url. 8 February 1994 Paper directed by Commander Mark Hess, USN Faculty, Department of Strategy and Policy Japan’s December 1941-February 1942 invasion of Malaya and culminating conquest of Singapore is analyzed from an operational perspective. Although overshadowed by better … More Bicycle Blitzkrieg – The Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore

Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill, run by Jerry and April, serves up arguably the best buffalo wings in Singapore. Located at the Republic of Singapore Flying Club, overlooking a runway that sets the scene for near perfect sunsets. It is not the easiest place to find, and we still hear of folks who aim to get to Sunset, … More Sunset Grill

A simple life

Congratulations to the Jalan Kayu Trail, for securing an official launch back in November 2007! An intriguing snippet, demonstrating that the Airbase has always attracted folks who can be content with the simple things in life Dear Jalan Kayu Trail Team members, I spent a very happy and memorable time at Seletar from 1962 to … More A simple life

Theatre Club

Some of the memories being shared over at the RAF Seletar forum. Now, if we can only figure out where exactly the building is today? From Tex I was a member of the club between 1955-57 and again from 1959 to 62. I remember the Drama Festivals over the years and enjoyed being involved in … More Theatre Club

Art from recycling

Three more attractions at Seletar Airbase during the long Easter weekend 🙂 Re-Cycle I ! A workshop about giving your old stuff a new twist. Bring along old tins (e.g. Milo tins), CDs and bottle caps (e.g. from jam jars). You can also bring along other small objects such as old screws, buttons… that can … More Art from recycling

Snow in Seletar!

A very big thank you to Matt and the gang at WordPress. This site would not have gotten off the ground without their wonderful support. To mark the season, they have allowed us to sprinkle snow on the site – enjoy! We have been quietly reflecting on how the time has flown, and how since … More Snow in Seletar!

Bird’s Eye View of Seletar Airbase – Past, Present and Future

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the public consultation on Sunday, your feedback on the map has been a big help. We’ve also taken note of your numerous suggestions for future publications, and your questions – like, when were the streets named, who lived in the houses in the 50s and 60s. As … More Bird’s Eye View of Seletar Airbase – Past, Present and Future

In praise of broadband

I’ve often thought that the idyll of working from a kampung while being an IT industry analyst is only possible when the communications infrastructure is in place. Kudos to iDA for continuing to drive enhancements. Singapore, one of the world’s busiest seaports, aims to become one of the most connected with WISEPORT (WIreless-broadband-access for SEaPORT). … More In praise of broadband