4 thoughts on “Oxford Street in October 2009

  1. To Margaret Timms – thrilled to hear from you. Have loads to talk to you about Singapore. Tried to e-mail you but rejected. <> (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) so please contact me soon – that would be great. Regards, Julie

  2. Hi – it’s Julie again! Really hope to hear from you soon Margaret, or anyone who knew us at that time at Seleter. I have a great photo of an end of show party on stage. Did you know a lad called Dino? There are quite a few of us on the photo – will try and get it on this site if poss. Cheers.

  3. Hi Julie, I don’t know why your email was rejected before – the email I have put in this reply is my home email (I may have used my work email before). Would love to see the photos to see if the faces are familiar. I see that a note has been put on about Pam Ayres – I haven’t seen her for many years but I saw her on the TV the other night on that QI programme. I believe that she lives in Oxfordshire still. She used to be a regular in our house at Seletar (before she became ‘famous’). Anyway, hope this reaches you and your reply to me.


    Margaret Timms

  4. Hi Margaret, Great to hear from you again. I have just left a message re Pam Ayres as I have a good photo of her at the club cleaning out the fish tank! I have asked for some advice on getting some pictures onto this site as I can’t see anywhere that allows me to attach anything. Hope I get a reply to enable me to do this. There are a lot of people on the aftershow party photo and I bet you will recognize many – you are probably on it. If I manage to get it onto the site, I am the girl 5th from the left standing at the back in a batik dress I made myself. I think Dino is the lad third from the right. Hope you get to see it! Keep in touch. Regards, Julie

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