RAF Seletar residents reunion

This weekend, a group of some 40 former residents from the 1950s and 60s are visiting Singapore, and will head to Johor for a reunion gathering. These dinners used to happen at Hyde Park Gate, but with no residents left along the street, the venue had to be moved.

Sad that the customary walk around the Camp is no longer possible. This may in fact be the last major trip by former RAF residents.


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  1. does anyone know if 1 Lancaster gate and 4 The oval are still standing? If 1 Lancaster Gate is still occupied,can anyone name the occpant as I would like to make contact before November 2009

    1. I served at Seletar in 1956. In the telephone exchange. I used to chat up a girl at the Singapore Telephone Board. We married 1959 and are still going strong after 55 years with a sizeable family. What about that then !

  2. Hi. I’m staying at 8 Mornington Crescent now. I supposed if you’ve not had any replies yet, that me and the husband could go and have a look for you this week.

    1. Hi Lisa.
      I was in Singapore with my Dad ( ch/tech Frank Tobin) and we lived in Mornington Cresent. we then moved to the Other end of the Married quarters I do believe it was number 10 (not too sure though) that was in 1962.
      Cheers Dave Tobin.
      email tobin-david@sky.com

      1. Just before we moved onto Seletar we were in a hiring in Jalan Kayu just outside the gates passed the market….it was on the way to the fishing lakes if you can remember them…..

  3. Nisa M
    The initial re-union was during March 09 so I am a bit confused that you are at No.8 on 15/10

    I shall be in Singapore from 14/22 November so will attempt to look around Seletar camp.Not very optimistic as my friends there say that the camp as we knew it is no more

  4. Hi Ken. Well some of the houses are still here .. the ones that are earmarked for residential purposes are being slowly renovated and rented out through a bidding system. We’ve just moved into No. 8 in August 09, our neighbour at No. 9 is renovating and in the midst of shifting in and No. 6 has just been rented out too. I understand from our neighbour at No. 7 that the family at No. 5 has been here for 5 years.

    I took a walk around the camp today and it would seem that Lancaster Gate and The Oval no longer exists. A lot of the area is sealed off and the homes there either demolished or left to ruins.

    1. Hi Nisa M
      We were on the camp last week and did take a photo of number 8 which looks in remarkably good condition. Alas, not much of the camp as we knew it remains – how sad.
      Had a meal at one of the eating places on East Camp near to the hangars but that is about all.
      From where we could get,it appears that the old SHQ building still exists and maybe the SAF will retain it for some reason.
      Am planning a return 2010 when no doubt the camp will have changed beyond any recognition


      Ken Benge

  5. I was 15 when Mum and Dad moved into No. 5 Hyde Park Gate in 1950. I will be in Singapore in May 2010. Any point in trying to walk down memory lane ?
    Can anybody help ?

    1. John
      Sadly Hyde park gate houses are no more.
      We sstayed in Singapore last few weeks and did manage to drive around what can be seen of Seletar. Most of the colonial style buildings have gone although there are some still in Mornington Crescent.
      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news


      1. Ken

        Thanks for your comments of last year. Being an older chap might explain my tardiness in responding sooner !

        My wife and I were in Singapore last month and I was shattered to see how run down everything appeared. We could not gain access to HPG and the road into the man gate from Jalan Kayu is now a bridge over a 4 lane dual carriageway !

        To drive between West Camp and East Camp now means negotiating temporary roads across a large civil engineering site !

        Thanks again for your interest, and it was still worth the visit.

    2. Hello John Madelly, I lived in No.6 Hyde Park Gate with my parents 1953-55 , aged 7 – 9. Great memories of those days. Am now a member of the RAF Seletar Association and have been back twice with them 2007 and 2009. In 2007 we could drive along HPG, visited my old house and had a party with the residents at No.10 (Oliver and Sue Amy). Lush vegitation but no more rubber trees! In 2009 access to HPG was closed as part of the new aerospace park development.
      Regards, Chris

      1. Hello Chris

        Thanks also for your kind input. As you will probably read my comments to Ken, we did at least manage a couple of visits to the Singapore Cricket Club which has a special place in my heart.

        Wouldn’t have missed it for quids !


    3. John
      I also lived at No5 Hyde Park Gate from 1960-62 (aged 6-8) with my family. My father was a teacher at the RAF Junior school just up Oxford St by the golf course.
      I visited HPG in late December 2007 and although all the houses were still there – No 5 was not. It had apparently succumed to termites a few years earlier! There was however a new No 5A , a 2 story house, built nextdoor but not where our N0 5 used to stand I believe. I have some pictures if you are interested.

      Regards, Andy

      1. Hi Andy
        we must have been in the same place at the same time My family was there in 1961/62 living at number 10….isnt it sad that all the all places are disapearing…….so called progress.

  6. For Nisa M
    Thanks for the invite to call at No,8 but I didn’t pick it up until after I had left Singapore.
    Unaware that you were still at Mornington crescent, I did take a photo of it,which you are welcome to have in needs be.
    My visit to the camp was quite emotional. Seeing the state is was in with so many happy memories being buried under the building work
    was sad.
    I did get taken for a meal at the West camp restaurant behind the hangars and that was the only pleasure I got at the camp.
    If I am able to visit Singapore later this year,I will attempt to get on to the camp and see how it is developing.

  7. I used to live at No 6 The Oval RAF Seletar from 1964 – 1967. My late Father Sqn/Ldr C.J.’Bush’ Barrey was attached to 224 Group. I last visited seletar and No 6 The Oval in June 2006 on my way back from Adelaide, where I had just attended my fathers funeral. It was really strange going back there, as the then current occupants stated that they had been having strange appearances and presences of a male wearing a bush hat and a dog at his side. I thought hat this could not have been my Father but probably our gardener, his name was ‘Kaboon’ and our dog. we used to have an ‘Armor’ called ‘Gek’. Does anyone remember our family. We were , my father Clement John Barrey, my Mother, Maureen Barrey, my brother Simon and my sisters Jayne & Barbara. I have great memories of Seletar and especially the market at Jalanku, Tigerbalm Gardens, and the lovely chilli crab at Changi Pool. Regards, John Barrey.

    1. Dear John Barry, My name is Carol Lewis and I used to live at No 6 The Oval from around 1950 -1953. My late father Leslie Joseph Lewis, my late mother Ruby Lewis, myself and sisters Jacqueline and Patricia all lived and loved it there. My father, Flight Lieutenant L.J. Lewis a navigator on the lovely old Sunderlands was in the Korean War. My son at the moment in Singapore on a world tour sent me to-day photos of 6 The Oval. It has not changed. My bedroom was the first on the left as you go down the passage. My dad played cricket at the club and I used to walk to school. That was my first visit to Seleter, the next one in 1956 where we stayed this time in Brighton Crescent off the Serangoon Road. I went to Changi Grammar on the old gharries. Those were really wonderful and memorable times. Regards Carol Lewis

      1. Well thankyou for that. I too had fond memories of living there. Sadly those times are gone but never forgotten. Sorry for the very late reply to your message. I am recovering from Lip cancer treatment and still suffering the side effects of extensive radiotherapy. My email is barrey55@gmail.com. Yours Sincerely, John Barrey.

      2. Hi Carol,
        I think we lived in Brighton Crescent around 1956/57 Dad and Mum and my sister Val. Only just caught up with this site and been trying to remember the street’s name – your post has reminded me, thanks.
        Wonderful times,
        Andrew Bailey

      3. Hi Andrew Clifford copied me into his reply to you. My brother Brian and I were in Singapore from 1953 to January 1956. Our father was with GCHQ and we lived in Poulden Court. Like you we were in the Seletar scout troop – my last memory of the troop was a parents night campfire made memorable by the ants having gotten into the sugar that was added to the drinking chocolate. Can’t remember any complaints about the added protein. Reg

      4. Hi Reg,

        Thanks so much for your reply, and Cliff’s linkup.

        My Father, F/O Leslie (Les) Bailey was posted off there ahead of me and my Mum. To get there by un-pressurised, Hermes, plane took 3 days from Blackbushe Airport, via Rome, somewhere in the middle east, then overnight stops in Karachi and Calcutta, before flying down the Malayan peninsula and circling over that speck in a turquoise sea. Such an impact on a 12yr old, from grey old Britain?

        In the 17th Singapore (Eastern) RAF Seletar, we had a troop leader Geoff Parfitt?? and a popular assistant to Geoff, named Albert Bateman, both Nat. Servicemen – Albert was a butcher from Luton and great with the backwoodsman’ skills – tracking, camping, sharpening knives and, on one occasion, showing us how to kill and prepare a chicken for the pot. A sort of early Ray Mears !

        We wandered all over the Island, hiking and camping and on one occasion had a camp near a hamlet (kampong ?) on Pula Ubin island. We had to draw water from the village well and the elderly inhabitants really didn’t know what to make of us! But, we were treated with kindness and friendliness, wherever we went. A legacy, I suspect, of the Allies’ attempts to repair the damage done by the Japanese occupation.

        I have just told Robin, I have now found my treasured copy of Scouting For Boys, inside which I have entered my address as: 6 Hay Market, a fact I have been racking my brains for, for days.

        I passed through Singapore ten years ago and again last year. The first time, I was expecting to see rubber plantations and paddy fields, which were still in my mind’s eye. A bitter-sweet return!

        Only pals name I can recall at the moment is Richard Sherwood, though I don’t think he was in the scouts.

        Nice talking to you.

        Andrew Bailey


    2. My husband Malcolm Walker was in Seletar in 1963/5 ? He remembers the market and the gardens etc . He remember Geraldine Stella Walker he would like to contact again – could you help ?Kind regards, Gilly Walker








        MIKE HUME

  8. I am really sorry to hear that The Oval has been obliterated — although I am also surprised to learn that it survived that long! We lived at No. 1 The Oval between March 1968 and June 1970: my (late) father was the CSFC chaplain at St Andrews church. I still have many fond and vivid memories of my time at Seletar. What a fantastic experience it was!

  9. Hi

    my name is Cheryl Norton , daughter of the late Sqn leader Dennis Norton (Chippy) . I arrived in Singapore . December 1967 . lived at Serangoon Garden until we got a quarter at Seletar . We lived at 11 Hyde Park Gate they later moved to The Oval . My mothers name Irene (Renee) . I got married at St Mary’s Church in November 1968 to Terry Creed who was a pilot on 66 squadron . We then moved to 17 Toh Avenue . Terry moved to 103 squandron search and rescue . We had our daughter Samantha at Changi Hospital and left Singapore in March 1971 . I too have the happiest memories of Singapore and Still dream of it .

    1. Hi,

      My name is Julia Brown nee Hutton. I do remember you, I lived at Seletar from 1966 until 1969. My father was Tom Hutton, Group Captain, he was Station Commander and we lived at No. 1 Park Lane. I worked as a typist in the Marine Craft Unit and got married in 1969 to Chris Feek a flying officer in the RAF Regiment. Did enjoy Singapore.

    2. My parents Tug and Doreen Wilson were great friends of your parents. I remember them socialising at the mess and also the yacht club.
      I am Neil Wilson and my brother was Graham Wilson. We lived on Hyde Park Gate.

  10. We lived at 13 Oxford Street, F/Sgt. C.J.Bryan, Irene Bryan, and children (Beverley, Karen & Shona) from 1961-1963. We have never been back until this week, when my Dad, sister Beverley and I went to Seletar camp to see if the house was still there. Amazingly enough it was, although the Golf Club and school have been demolished. The house has been renovated, with the upstairs verandah enclosed, and an extension out the back from the original kitchen building.
    We also lived on Seletar Hills estate for a short time, so still have that trip to make. Didn’t manage it all in one day!

  11. Went today to Seletar Hills Estate, and found our old house at 22 Jalan Keruing. It is being renovated, big lorry outside, and builders on site, with an upstairs extension, so unfortunately unable to see the ‘original’ house. However, it was lovely to go back and see it, especially for my father who is 81 years old! I think it brought back many memories.

  12. Hello John Barrey,
    For the last few years I have been researching 66 Squadron RAF, and had the privildge and pleasure of meeting with your father on a couple of occasions in Adelaide shortly before he died. I took a couple of photos, and have a couple of letters concerning your father. I hope you get this message and contact me.
    regards Pete

    1. Hi Peter

      Please can I have your current email address, I have been trying to contact you regarding my father, Tim Hamer, ex 66 squadron.

  13. Dear Pete, Thankyou for those kind words about Dad. It would be nice to see the letters and there are lots of entries and photos of Dad when stationed at RAF Yever.
    My home address is 35, Llwyn Y Groes, Bridgend, Mid Glam, CF31 5AJ.

    Best Wishes, John Barrey.

    1. Hallo Pete, Hoping that you get this message and that you are able to send me the letters. Thanks john Barrey.

  14. Dear Pete, Thankyou for those kind words about Dad. It would be nice to see the letters and there are lots of entries and photos of Dad when stationed at RAF Yever.
    My home address is 35, Llwyn Y Groes, Bridgend, Mid Glam, CF31 5AJ.

    Best Wishes, John Barrey.

    1. Hello John

      I have just found this site again by accident! I will dig out the letters and send you copies. This may have to wait untill after Christmas now. My email is; peteremu@optusnet.com.au, If I find them soon I will email them to you, in the mean time best seasons greeting to you and your family.

      best wishes Pete

  15. Well, well, well a trip down memory lane!!

    I lived in Poulden Court in Jalan Kayu Village just outside of the Seletar gate.

    I went to the Primary School on the base and in 1999ish took a trip to Singapore and managed to be allowed in to the base and drive up to the school and look around. The window was open and I found my old desk from Grade 2 or 3.

    Does anyone remember Poulden Court (its gone now)? The Amahs market in Jalan Kayu? Mah Jong?

    Please drop me a line at cliff@tooserious.com

    my best to you all,

    Clifford Saunders

    1. I lived in Poulden Court 67 to 71 my father was a Civvy with the signals. I was 3-7 whilst there remember living right at the bottom in the right hand bottom flat. Few memories but good ones

      1. Hello little brother! Remember our neighbours and still see Sue quinn, we moved to Poulden Court in 69, before that we lived in Braddell Heights and Woodsville Court. we moved to Poulden court just before Dad accepted an extension to his oversee tour in Singapore, This was due to the run down of the services in singapore. Remember Dad was not a forces signaller as you say but GCHQ spook i think his station was referred to as CK2!

      2. Dave, it was known as CK2, I was an operator there 1961-63 with Australian army. We lived on RAF Seletar then moved to Amoy Quee. catch me up if you wish

      3. Hi we lived at 27 Poulden Court from 1965 and my dad was a civvy with the signals too.His name was John Busby and I am jasmine.I went to the primary school for one year and Mr Edwards was the teacher before moving on to the grammar school at Changi.

      4. Hi Jasmine Philip is my little brother! Our flat number was 19 in the bottom block! You must have been in the block next on the way up? Don’t remember you so can assume you were before our time! The employing unit for civvies was GCHQ. I also recall Herbie Edwards with a degree of affection with his Tuesday afternoon stamp club!

    2. My husband certainly does remember the Amahs market Cliff. He is Malcolm Walker and was at Seletar in 1965. Do you by any chance remember Geraldine Stella Walker( 5ft 4 ins short light brown hair) ? He would love to get in contact again. We are not sure of her married name. kind regards Gilly Walker. Malcolm.walker@parkfarm.me.uk


    1. Hi Pete, i remember Dori’s fish & chips too…loved going there. Lived in the airbase 1978-87’…7yrs old till 16yrs.

    2. Hi my name’s Katrina Edwards and have just been to Seletar for the first time since we left in 1971. Went to Jalan Kaiyu to see if Doris’s Chip Shop was still there but unfortunately no. The camp is undergoing major transformation and work. It’s a sectioned off in parts redy for demolishing and is a bit derelict but I was glad I went back. My dad taught at the junior school his name is Herbie Edwards. We lived next to the golf course,near the officers mess at Hyde Park Gate on the corner. Other distinct memories are, ice cream sodas at the yacht club,swimming races at the pool, jumping in the monsoon drains in the middle of the golf course,James Bond and Sound of Music at some cinema? Eating Muktabak at cold storage, didn’t like the cane juice except the colour, days at Pulau Ubin jumping off the rock, fancy dress parties for the birthdays,Brazil nuts that used to fall from our tree in the garden I think in September, the kind Amahs who took care of us Sahura, Rouka and Shareef the gardener who used to cut us sugarcane sticks for us to chew on after school. I’m sure there’s loads more I can think of with my brothers and sister( Ifan,Ioan,Anna) and my mum Jean. I also remember Tiger Balm gardens and the horrible torture scenes which I remember vividly and is still there as we visited it with my family last week along with the rest that we could find. I know my dad took lots of photos in the late 60’s. Will talk to my siblings and forward more souvenirs of a great time in a lovely place flull of fond childhoods memories.Katrina

      1. Hi Katrina I remember your Dad at the junior school! He held the once weekly stamp club! BTW i remember Doris’s! 20 cents worth of chips in a little paper box LOL. Message for my little brother Phil Smith I have some old arial photographs showing Poulden Court which quite clearly show our flat! If you can stop being an ass i’ll send you copies!

      2. Hey Dave,

        I’ll trade you “old arial photographs showing Poulden Court”, (we lived in #21), for pictures of Sunderlands taking off at Seletar Yacht Club.

        Hey Katrina,

        I have pictures of the Pula Ubin rock. Want to see?

        Tiger Balm should have come with a warning, I had nightmares for weeks.

        Send me an email I’m cliff@cliffordsaunders.com and I’ll send you pics.


      3. Hi, I remember your dad too.He must have had a big impact on mee because I ended up as the headteacher of a primary school.

  17. Well fancy seing your name after all these years ! Those were the good old days and have left an indelible mark in our memories. Last vtime I saw you ewas at RAF Hereford when you lived in a MQ near to the NAAFI shop.Have been back to Singapore twice,2007 and 2009 . In 2007 I met up with a local business man who had a motorcycle shop (New Union) in Jalan Kayu and hade been an invited guest at his wedding in 1969. Almost 40 years and was quite a nostalgic meeting..In 2009 we stopped at his daughters house -next door to his – at Lorong Tanggam at the back of JK .
    Will try to phone you.
    Ken Benge

  18. Clifford
    We lived in Poulden Court from November 1952 to January 1956. Initially we lived on the ground floor (No2 ) in the block just past the amah’s block and then moved to No5 in the same block. At that time the gardiner’s name was DAS and the duty driver was Chico. Like you my brother Brian and I attended Primary school in RAF Seletar and after the 11+ (Murray House exam) we transferred to the secondary school on the camp nicknamed the Basher – my father said that this was a corruption of Basha.
    Reg Clarke

    1. Nice to meet you Reg.

      We lived in 21 Poulden Court, 1956-59.

      I am going to put a bunch of pictures from those days on DropBox. Send me an email at cliff@cliffordsaunders.com and I’ll send you a link.

      Do you remember playing on the decommissioned Sunderlands on the way to the swimming pool and dropping stones on the sea snakes at the bottom of the bridge?

      Is it really the Third Millennium already? “Time goes fast when you’re in a coma.”


      1. Hello Cliff I have just found this web site and now trying to catch up.
        I remeber the bridge on the way to the swimming pool that is acually where I learned to swim….. we had great days there a really unforgettable time and lifestyle……oooohh bring back the old days..

  19. Thanks to all who remember Seleta. my father served there in the sixties. always remember the monkies we use feed when crossing the mangrove swamp on the way to the officers swimming pool. water sking across to Jah haw baru. Fishing off the jetty at the Yaught Club with my brother john.caught my first Sea snake, thought it was a stick until hit hissed.saved pocket money for the beaut beef satay sticks at changi pool.swimming out to the pontoon at the Yaught club. need i gone , such fantastic days as a young lad.

  20. My dad was in Squadron 66 in the Suez Crisis. He remembers all the great times he had when working from Singapore Lines. If anyone has served during this time, I’d love to get in touch and send messages onto my dad. He is from Scotland.

    1. Hi Gloria

      Would I would very much like to hear about your dads time with 66sqn, I have put together quite a comprehensive history over the last few years.

      regards Pete

    2. Hi Gloria
      My dad was with 224 Sqn at Seletar and worked on most of the other Sqn aircraft he worked on S55 helecopters, Sunderland flying boats Sycamor Helecopters and many others We were there for Two tours of duty from 1961 to 1967….. I am now trying to locate a girl I met there whenI was only 11 Her name was Wendy Key………. any knowledge ??

      1. Just seen this —met Wendy in Libya I think the same one. Do you remember the snake tied to your bike?

  21. Hi Pete, I’ll talk to my dad at the weekend and post you some memories he has. I am unsure where he was stationed as he was in a mobile unit and worked around the airports.

  22. I lived in a bungalow in Jalan Kayu as a schoolgirl in 1956 before moving to Birdcage walk with my parents and brothers. Left Singapore 1958 after marrying an airforce corporal and returned there in 1977 for a 3 year tour with him and our children. We rented a bungalow fro Chee Kow grocer in Jalan Jitong, Seletar Hills. LOVE Singapore and would love to visit again —-is it possible to hire a wheelchair when there does anyone know? r


  23. Hi my Name is Mike Rowlands, was in Singapore from 1959/62.First at the pasaris hotel then serangoon, Jalan kayu then onto seletar camp at
    Hampstead Gardens.Went Seletar Secondary mod,some really good times, anybody remembers me perhaps reply.

    1. Hello Mike.
      We were at Seletar at the same time I was wondering if you ever came across a girl named Wedny Key or any of her family. would just like to catch up.
      Cheers Dave T

      Tobin-david @sky.com

      1. Hi David, I was there in seletar sec from 1959/1962. I was in the same class as Wendy key. Bumped into her in a dance in Bridlington think it was 1964, her father was stationed at leconfield near hull. She was with her brother robin. It was fantastic to see her but unfortunately never swapped phone now. That was the last I saw her. My name is Celia (Coombe). I don’t know if you knew me or is there anyone who remembers me. Was on the school rounders and netball teams. Was with a girl called Jackie England, she was in my rounders team.

        Regards Celia

      2. Hi David. I hope that all is well in your world. I stumbled across the message from Celia Mathias that follows your entry. I didn’t know Wendy Key but I did know Jackie England who she mentioned in her response. I was with the spook station at CK2 and was allowed to live with the RAF at Seletar. I loved it! I was with the Australian Army Signal Corps at the time and had mega golf games at Seletar. I was there from 1960 to the end of 1962. I also knew Sue Callason, Valerie Miller, Erica Miller and a few others of your peers at the time. I can be contacted on mikehume@bigpond.net.au and you can find some of the many novels about the Arthurian legends I have written on mkhume.com —- Meanwhile. all the best and I’d love to hear from you. Mike Hume

  24. Hi -Lived at Poulden Court twice. Remember 63-64 the most. Went to the secondary school in Seletar. Lover to see picture. Bill

  25. Hi there , I lived in Seletar from mid 1973 – December 1974 , on Regent St , father was NZ Army. Went to school at Changi then Woodlands , I have a picture from Doris’s fish and chip shop .

  26. Hello, This is my name is Jacqueline Eaglestone. I still good memories that I was a little girl to live in Selangoon, Singapore since 60’s for 2 years and 4 months, My Father Is name called Thomas David Castle Eaglestone was working at RAF engineering at Seletar for few years. I really love live in Singapore and beautiful, I been went at Zion Kindergarten for while, also I am deaf. Then back to England that I don’t want back to UK because too cold terrible weather, make me depressed too. I still miss my dad very much because he died since 1969 by accident. I still good memory of my dad was lovely smile man in my heart. I am interesting to looking this website of RAF Seletar. Now I live in Brisbane and went to stopover in Singapore for 3 nights last January. When I want go to back looking around to RAF Seletar in the future.

    Kinds Regard jacqui

  27. I was in Singapore 1963-1966 first in Crowhurst Drive Serangoon and then 29 Poulden Court Jalan Kayu. Went to RAF Seletar Junior School. My dad took loads of photos which I have put on Picasa web. Happy memories of my 3 years there. Remember getting the Gharry to school or else cycling. Remember the fish and chip shops in Jalan Kayu, the amah’s market on a Friday night, the Chinese theatre. Going to the pool on camp and the Saturday cinema. Went back in 2004 and so sad to see most things gone. Maybe going back this year 2014. Rosemary Allen

    1. Nice to see your shots from Seletar and Jalan Kayu , brings back great memories. I was at Seletar from mid 1973 – Decemeber 1974 , my father was NZ Army based at Nee Soon. I went to school first at Changi , then at Woodlands. The best years of my life.

    2. Lovely to see your pictures Rosemary. Brought back a lot of memories. I have posted them on my facebook page for information of my family. I was there 1960 1963. Went to school at Seletar and lived at 9 Hyde Park Gate. Sad to look on Google earth and see that it has all gone, apart from the memories.

  28. Hi, I have just stumbled across this site. My sister, brother and I lived at 1 Hyde Park Gate, Seletar between 1963-66. Our late father was Squadron Leader ‘Freddie’ Cramp (224 squadron). We have such wonderful memories of our time out there, armahs market, fishing, riding our bikes round the camp, going to the cinema which meant having to ride across the runway first checking to see if any Beverley aircraft were approaching! Lovely happy memories…. We would be interested to hear from anyone who may remember us- Richard, Angela and Susan Cramp.

    1. Hi Angela, I lived at No 9 Hyde Park Gate 1963/66 but sorry to say your name doesn’t ring any bells. Might work the other way around though?. Michael and George Hugill. George went to Changi Grammar and I went to Seletar Secondary. My father was Flt Lt John Hugill and mother Fernanda. Did you find that moving around so much you you can’t point to someone and say ‘I went to school with them’. The blight of forces children?

  29. Hi Michael, following on from my sister Angela’s comments it’s ironic that your brother went to the same school as my brother and I, you went to the same school as my sister, we lived a few doors away from each other for a couple of years and yet we cannot remember each other!! Do you think that’s old age?! I agree with your last comment about moving schools a lot. Susan Eckert (nee Cramp)

  30. My name is Julia brown nee Hutton my father was co 1966 1969, and we lived in no 1 Park lane, I have any happy memories

  31. Hi i was there from 1965 and went to Changi Grammar school in 66.my name is Jasmine (Busby). Does any one remember me?

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      I don’t remember you but you must have lived in the flat below us! We lived at 29 Poulden Court and left in July 1966. I remember the activities and club there. Also going to Doris fish and chips and amah’s market. I went to Seletar Primary School and my teachers were Mr Dunnage and Mr Lodge.

      1. Hi Rosie and Jasmine, My dad was a club member and we were regulars at the parties etc! We moved to 19 Poulden Court in 1969!

      2. Hi Mrs Allen, we are the Singapore neighbours of John and Cathy Burton who lived at 84 Crowhurst Drive from 1962-1965. John, a Corporal, had passed away. I had lost contact with Catherine during to house removal. If you know her or her family, I would appreciate that you pass my request to catch up with them. Thanks Eva DAVION WONG

    2. Hi Jasmine. My dad was stationed in Seletar 1964-66. I was 13 – 15 during that period, and went to Changi Grammar so was probably on the same bus to school. Sadly I do not recall your name. I don’t recall the teachers names except for Tom Hollomby who was the sports master, I think (memory not so good these days!). We lived on Oxford Street up from the NAAFI and directly opposite the Junior school where my sister (Elaine) went. If you go on to Google Earth you can see how much of Seletar camp remains. Our house is the first house going right down Oxford Road from the Lambeth Walk Junction (not the one at an angle right on the corner). I could walk from our back garden through scrub to Mornington Crescent where I had friends. I had a great time while there and have very fond memories. When we first move to Singapore we had a flat on the Jalan Kayu street, overlooking the Amah’s Market every week. I loved it. On the Goole Earth Street View function you can see all the flats but I’m not quite sure of the one we lived in. I do note though that it all looks pretty much the same, except that now the monsoon drains are covered. I found this web site as I’m scanning hundreds of old photo slides from my parents and wanted to try and locate some of the places on Google Earth. Funny what you come across. Graham

  32. Some fabulous memories and accounts.
    I lived with my brother Graham at Seletar. I think it was Hyde Park Gate.
    we stayed at the New Country Hotel then got a house in Braddell Heights. My long journey to school along the Tampines road and the smell of the swamp was memorable!
    I was involved in a fracca one night when a neighbours amah had her handbag stolen and she was creating merry hell. I went out and managed to get the bag back after a struggle receiving a cut to the hand by his knife.
    After that we were moved onto the base.
    Played football for Combined British Schools and won the Singapore Cup with Changi Youth Club.
    Lots of memories of eating out in Jalan Kayu and remember the fabulous freshness of the food. Choose your chicken and 30 minutes later it is curried in a bowl with fantastic rice. Right next to a monsoon drain!
    How lucky we were to have such a life. Amahs, kabuns etc.
    my pocket money was $100 dollars a month plus $2 a day for lunch.
    I learnt life saving at the pool which was great fun

  33. lovely to read everyone’s stories. I was born in Changi hospital in 1965 and lived at 17 Poulden Court at RAF Seletar. My dad was with signals (GCHQ). I turned 50 in January and my husband’s gift to me is a trip to Singapore which we are taking on 4th April……in THREE DAYS TIME!!!!!! I have no memories of being in Singapore but have a list of places my mum wants me to check out to see if they are still there including Cheekow the grocer who had a shop near the gates of Poulden Court. Would love to see more photos if anyone has them. And does anyone remember my folks….Jim and Margot Watt???? Or my big sister, Debbie????

  34. Hello all you lucky people who like me live at Singapore and Seletar over the years. I was there 1953-55 as a young schoolboy aged 7-9. My dad was a Flt Lt engineer at 390MU. Both my father and 390MU sadly long gone now. I joined the RAF Seletar Association a few years ago and am now the Chairman for my sins! Why don’t you all consider joining too? Then we could all have a great get-together to reminisce about those great days of childhood at Seletar. Sadly the guys who served there are now getting on a bit. We would love them to join us and we are now looking for more people who were school children there to keep the memories of the base alive. We now have a memorial located outside the old RAF Main Gate, dedicated to all who served there including the large civilian contingent.
    To find out more about the RAF Seletar Association, contact our Membership Officer Dave Taylor at dt@deltatango.net We would love to hear from you and more about your memories. We have a 4 monthly newsletter called ‘Searchlight’, full of interesting stuff and memoires.
    Chris Puxley, RAF Seletar Association.

  35. Hello I also have great memories of RAF seletar. I was there 1965 to 1967 /8. We lived at 46 Jalan tari piring jalan kayu. My dad was Jim Carroll Air Traffic Control I remember those bloody monkeys near the swimming pool I was not very keen on them and I don’t think they were keen me. Swimming 4 or 5 times a week. I was in the air scouts which was fantastic we had competitions against other scout groups in singapore. Played football on the camp. Where they had floodlights. Watched Lecester city against southampton I could go on and on. And for those ladies that played bridge my mother Marga Carroll was the families entertainment whist drive bingo etc. for RAF Families club. And those trips we had out to the local islands . I’m sorry to go on and on but I have never met anybody since those days but you all know how lucky we were and it’s getting late BFN mo carroll

    1. Hi Maurice,

      Michael Hugill here. Father John also air traffic control at Seletar 1963/1966. Mum Fernanda (Italian)

      We are scattered to the corners of the world aren’t we! I would say that I don’t know anybody that I went to school with. However I found an old class mate from Seletar Secondary school on facebook. He didn’t remember me !!!!

      Those monkeys! They didn’t like me either. Chased me on my pedal cycle. I was on the cycle!

      Mick ……………

  36. Hello Mick I was aged 12 in 1965 nearly 13 I was in Mr Ingleslby or ingles. Class 2 alpha then got moved to next class 2 a . I was very good at sport mainly running football and rugby. We also played baseball because there were Americans there at that time. I was the youngest in the school to run the mile at the time. basketball all though we were all shrimps and one of my favourite s was when all the classes of the same year were taken over to the large field and left to murder ball I think that’s what it was called. Then if there was somebody you didn’t like you had choice to box against but you weren’t allowed to hit in face but it happened now and again on purpose. Dave Southerland was a name I remember and I think Steven Toan who unfortunately had a glass eye. Another was Allan lunn he was in air scouts with me. As you said we are all over the place and it was great to travel but where I live now all the people grew up together they all know each other. Where as we all moved around and I went to three secondary schools which does not help your education. Cul8tr Mo.

    1. Hi there Maurice. My name is Bill Lunn and I am Alan lunn’s Brother. I was In the RAF and stationed at Changi. Alan remembers you very well and told me to tell you that the monkies didn’t like him or David Boyce either. His email address is:- alanlunn53@yahoo.co.uk if you wanted to get in touch with him.

  37. Hi, I lived in Singapore 1964 – 1966, Dad, Jim McIver, was stationed at Seleta 34 Squadron. We, Dad, Mam, me (Lynne) and brother Paul lived at Ripley Crescent, Serangoon Gardens. I started school at RAF Seleta Junior school in 1965, my teacher was Miss Cooper.
    I have many fond memories, and re visited with my parents in 1995. We didn’t get to Seleta, but we did see our home.
    I consider myself very privileged to have such an exclusive childhood. We were very happy there, and of course when we returned as well.

  38. For Celia Mathias (earlier correspondent above).
    Just stumbled over this website. I with the Australian Army Signals at Seletar from 1960-62. I knew Jackie England and some of her friends in those days. Also knew Sue Callason, Valerie and Erica Miller, et al. I can be contacted at mikehume@bigpond.net.au and I can be verified if you look at my website, mkhume.com which flogs the novels that my wife and I write. All the best. Mike Hume.

  39. G’day Mike, I hope that all is well in your world.
    I stumbled across the message from Celia Mathias that follows your entry. I didn’t know Wendy Key but I did know Jackie England who she mentioned in her response. I was with the spook station at CK2 and was allowed to live with the RAF at Seletar. I loved it! I was with the Australian Army Signal Corps at the time and had mega golf games at Seletar. I was there from 1960 to the end of 1962. I also knew Sue Callason, Valerie Miller, Erica Miller and a few others of your peers at the time. I can be contacted on mikehume@bigpond.net.au and you can find some of the many novels about the Arthurian legends I have written on mkhume.com —- Meanwhile. all the best and I’d love to hear from you. Mike Hume

  40. Off to Seleter tomorrow after 50 years. Can’t believe our bungalow at 10 Sussex Gardens still survives. My mother and father,Pauline and John Lane loved Seleter and Singapore and I have nothing but happy memories – a very nostalgic trip.

  41. Flying out to Singapore in 3 days, first time in 50 yrs. Dad served 65 – 67. first quarter was at Jalan Belati (or was it Jalan Pachelli) Serangoon Gardens, Next stop 24 Jalan Lebut Daun before our final house 6 Mornington Cres. My sister and I went to Junior School on camp and my younger sister was a member of Serangoon Kindergarten, she still remembers singing the Singapore national anthem each school day! Really looking forward to seeking out the old places. I remember the swim mining pool, learnt to swim and dive, the cinema, cubs and the Armahs market at Jalan Kayu. Have written to th Defence Attache asking if I can get on to see No. 6

  42. My family lived at 21 Mornington Crescent. I only lived there for a short time (6 weeks) but visited in March 2019. The owners of the house were not in unfortunately for me, but would have let them know that I lived there a a baby in 1954. I have looked at photos from that time (swimming pool etc) and it looked like a lovely place back then. Our house is looking in very good shape still (better than me anyway) ! My family were Raymond, May, Brian, Ronald & me Susan Jeffery

  43. I was in Singapore from 1956 to 1958 with my mum and dad and sister Elaine. We lived in Brighton Crescent and went to school in Seletar. My Dad worked AT GCHQ and died in a car accident in February 1958 so we had to return to cold grey UK. I was 9 when we went out there and loved it. A special time in my life.

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