A resident’s personal farewell



8 thoughts on “A resident’s personal farewell

  1. Hi, I just went to Seletar yesterday to take pictures of the houses that going to gone soon. I had strong interest in local history and historical places. It is very heart wrenching to see such a beautiful place turned into a modern hub. I will uploaded the pictures to my website soon.

  2. hi there, my site is


    i am still in the process of editing the photos now. will be up soon.

    oh by the way, is the garage sales still going on ? thanks

    and also, i notice garung guni man or person collecting old stuff, drove a truck along edgware road looking for stuff in those old houses.

  3. I lived there… I spent the first year of my life living in a house on Edgware Rd. How very sad that it’s being demolished… Part of my history is going. 😦

  4. I am currently seeking former residents of Seletar Camp who would be willing to be photographed at their homes prior to their being “expunged.” I also have a brief questionnaire for them so that I can personalize the photos with some of their poignant memories and reflections. If you’d be interested in having some high-quality photos taken, please contact me at cmcturk1@mac.com Please note that some of the the photos may be possibly published at a later time but I would be happy to give you a free CD or DVD of your photos for your personal use. Thank you!

  5. This so sad. I just found out today that part of Seletar camp had been explunged, the part where I lived for a good 5 years before I relocated to US. If I recognized the above newspaper picture correctly, that’s the exact house I lived in on Duke street with 2 durian trees. Jeremy might have moved in after we left 11 years since . Many great memories of this place. We and a dozen other families all moved into this section of the camp after they reopened this section having left vacant for over a decade I remember having the fence installed, planted palms, bamboo, bouganville…. even had part of my wedding picture taken there…. great memories .

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