The Lost Inner Temple

Thanks Sue, for digging up this old map of the Airbase, showing the small cul-de-sac, Inner Temple. Though no longer visible in all printed maps of Singapore, Streetdirectory still shows this location if searched. Just off Park Lane, opposite Kingfisher Club.


According to Inner Temple. (2007, October 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

The Temple was occupied in the twelfth century by the Knights Templar, who gave the area its name, and built the Temple Church which survives as the parish church of the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. The Inner Temple was first recorded as being used for legal purposes when lawyers’ residences were burned down in Wat Tyler’s revolt. It is an independent extra-parochial area, historically not governed by the Corporation of London and equally outside the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Bishop of London.

The Inn suffered heavily from wartime bombing between September 1940 and May 1941, because of its proximity to the Thames. The buildings destroyed included the Library and the Hall although others, such as 2 King’s Bench Walk, were fortunate to survive.


3 thoughts on “The Lost Inner Temple

  1. That’s funny! On Google Earth, it’s the street joining Hampstead Gardens to Oxford Street that is called Inner Temple. If Inner Temple is located opposite the old Kingfisher Club, then what is the name of that road I mentionned?
    It is unoccupied now, but the building there has a door opening outside (with a building No 298 above the door), so possibly would have needed a name… Does anybody have an insight?

    1. Hi
      Ok the building 298 is was situated along oxford was a wonderful building.its sad to see it was demolished


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