Flying Clubs and Schools at Seletar

Small aircrafts are part of the skyscape at Seletar. Some are private planes, others are training flights. Seletar is home to no fewer than four flying clubs and colleges. How these flights are going to compete with heavier maintenance traffic is a wonder. It will be a shame if the flying schools have to move out of Singapore, given the investments Singapore has been making in establishing itself as an education hub.

The Republic of Singapore Flying Club was established in April 1928, and soon expaned to Seletar. In 1931, the Club received its Royal Charter from King George V and the “Royal” prefix remained until 1966 when it was relinquished at the request of the Singapore Government.

In December 1971, The Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) was established by the newly formed Singapore Armed Forces to introduce aviation and provide flight training to the youths of Singapore. The Club is synonymous with the Republic of Singapore Air Force with the primary mission of attracting young Singaporeans to military aviation. The headquarters of SYFC is situated at Seletar Airport and features a modern architecture that houses its flying and aeromodelling activities. It is hoped that members of SYFC would continue to fulfil their passion of flying by taking up a career in the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Seletar Flying Club has in excess of 100 members and was originally formed in 1987 by Singapore Airlines to promote an interest in aviation amongst its staff.

The Singapore Flying College is a flight school based in Singapore, and is fully owned and operated by Singapore Airlines. Established in 1988, it trains pilots for Singapore Airlines, Silkair and Singapore Airlines Cargo. The college accepts self-sponsored students for training as well. The SFC headquarters is located at Building 112/966, Western Avenue, Seletar East Camp, Singapore, in close proximity to Seletar Airport.


2 thoughts on “Flying Clubs and Schools at Seletar

  1. My daughter is thinking of making a career as a pilot in the airlines. We have seen the web sites of the Singapore flying college and that of the Australian Wing Academy.
    Could we have comments as to which flying school that would be suitable for her to choose or any other academy that would serve her purpose.
    Thank you,

  2. Am looking for flying college please send me some details as how i can join and whats the tution fees i want to be a pilot

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