What does the Kyoto protocol mean to you?

On 12 April 2006, Singapore acceded to the Kyoto protocol. The National Environment Agency has been designated as National Authority to deliver on this commitment. It’s website lists several campaigns to arrest greenhouse gas emissions.

For many inhabitants at the camp, working from home is a choice we make, to reduce our individual carbon footprints. Many parents co-ordinate with each other to car-pool on school dropoffs. Solar energy is being explored.

National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) charter is to address climate change by:

  1. Promoting greater energy efficiency and less carbon-intensive energy in key sectors;
  2. Raising awareness amongst the people, private and public sectors on the impacts and opportunities arising from climate change, and the actions they can take;
  3. Building competency in Singapore to better respond to climate change such as through promoting research and development of low-carbon technologies;
  4. Understanding Singapore’s vulnerability to climate change and facilitating the adaptation actions needed.

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