A glimpse of the Camp in 1958

Pete Biggadike’s collection of photos from 1958 paint a vivid picture of how business of the day (being an air force) mixed with life that ranged from walks along the beach (photo of 20-inch diameter starfish) and village life at Jalan Kayu.


5 thoughts on “A glimpse of the Camp in 1958

  1. Great pictures! Certainly enjoyed browsing through. Thanks for the link. The pool certainly looked very crowded in those days!

  2. I was stationed at RAF Seletar 1959-61, We lived at 130-21 Jalan Kayu.

    It would be interesting to see what it is like now, is the lake still just outside the village?

  3. Hi Ken, currently i am station in seletar east camp, i will try to find out for you how it looks like if you able to send me some pictures of the place in the earlt 60s. Pictures on the place you lived and the lake.

  4. Hi all, presently i am station in Seletar East Camp. When i read the history of this place (Seletar Camp), it touches me. I am doing a photo book on Pass, Present and Future of Seletar Camp. Wish someone can give me contrubutions on pictures, videos, maps, locations of the camp in the 30s till now if possible.

    Currently, the camp are in the process of tearing down some own building to build new ones. I hope to capture all before they are down. Please email me at maumeow1289@gmail.com. Thanks

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